Why gift cards is a good idea

Why gift cards is a good idea for your store or webshop!

We have collected 8 very good reasons why your store or webshop should sell gift cards.

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1. Gift Cards is on the top of the wish list

Actually, are gift cards very high on the list over what people wish for.

For woman are it an absolutely number 1, while gift cards have been between first and second place on the men’s wish list.

2. More sale!

72% of the costumers use more than the value on their gift cards.

For every sold gift card shall there be a more sale for purchase over the gift card value, which is calculated on a more sale on 40-300%.

3. Floor Traffic

A gift card coordinator is much more willing to visit a store, where they have gift cards in the pocket. For example if a costumer receive a gift card for a x-type of store. Does the costumer then visit that store, or a second or third?

4. 83% of all company’s love gift cards!

Yeah, the number are a whole 83% of all companies, which are using gift cards, when they shall give their employees a gift. Are you ready for the Christmas sale?

5. Sale of gift cards are growing

Statistics shows that gift cards online sales are growing with 29%. Do you sell your gift cards online or only in stores?


6. Get Lots of NEW costumers

Gift cards are more often given as a present. This naturally means, that a person who hasn’t previously visited your store will now have the opportunity to come in and visit your store or web shop. That’s a fantastic way to increase your store / web store exposure and gain new, loyal customers.

7. Pay full price

The costumer is 2,5 times more willing to buy something by its full price, if they pay with a gift card.

8. Digital gift cards is the new black!

Digital gift cards are growing! 78% of all consumers have gotten a digital (electronic) gift card. Besides that, are 69% more interested in buying a digital gift card now, compared to 2-3 years ago.

Would you like to sell (lots) of more gift cards?

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