Api Integration

Get integrated with the Huuray API

API Integration

The Huuray platform manages digital gift cards. Huuray provides an API, which enables reseller’s third party applications to offer their own end-to-end digital gift card programs with minimal effort.
You can see our Documentation of the API here.

  • Select between the +100 digital gift cards which you want your customers to receive for completing a desired action.
  • Automate the entire rewards delivery process with our simple API-integration.
  • Promote your offer and leave the reward delivery process to us.

Our services

Core features on the Huuray Platform

Instant delivery

Get the digital gift card in seconds (SMS or E-mail). We love speed!


The digital gift cards are personalized with your logo & personal message.


We love digital – no more psyhical delivery. Instant delivery & great user experience.

No administration

No third party confusion – you keep the relation to users. We will simplify the process.

Large Selection

We offer digital gift cards from over 100 stores & webshops.

API Integration

Automating workflow – freeing you to do more business development. Do your core!