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  • Why gift cards is a good idea

    Why gift cards is a good idea for your store or webshop! We have collected 8 very good reasons why your store or webshop should sell gift cards. Read more below ↓ 1. Gift Cards is on the top of the wish list Actually, are gift cards very high on the list over what people wish […]

  • VAT rules for gift cards

    The ultimative guide to EU VAT rules for gift cards   January 1st 2019 The European Commission has decided to adopt new rules on VAT treatment of gift cards across Member States. First, the main rule has been to pay VAT when redeeming a gift card. The distinction will now be made between the so-called […]

  • Why do consumers love rewards?

    Why do consumers love rewards? Consumers tend to love getting rewarded for completing a given task, why is that? We dug a little into it and here’s the answer. And possibly a few good tips?

  • Casestudy: Zenji Mobile & Huuray Aps

    The partnership between Huuray and Zenji Mobile will be studied and analyzed throughout this case study. The purpose of this analysis is to clearly define the benefits and solutions, achievable through a partnership with Huuray. Furthermore the analysis will explain and demonstrate, the positive impact on Zenji Mobile’s day-to-day operations as well as the satisfaction […]

  • Why are gift cards better than cash?

    Why are gift cards better than cash? Why are gift cards more compelling than cash, from a corporate point-of-view? The number one in popularity for corporate incentives, gift cards are more effective than cash. A study done by the Incentive Federation consistently indicated that merchandize and travel-related incentives were more attractive than cash – and […]

  • Marketing & Communication Internship

    Do you have a flair for writing great content? Are you a quick thinker who likes to have a lot on your plate? Then we have the internship for you. As a marketing intern at Huuray you will be part of a dynamic team, who works closely together, with an informal approach to solving problems.   […]

  • Our three gift card solutions

    Our three gift card solutions   What can we offer you?  At we have two gift card solutions for our B-2-B customers; one where the specific gift cards you want are sent to you with an invoice of all the gift cards, or another option, of receiving a B-2-B login to our website, where […]

  • Digital Rewards – Why?

    Why Digitalt Rewards? When rewarding your customers we think you should choose a digital solution, and here we will give you the reasons why. Modern technology such as computers, tablets and other mobile devices have become a crucial part of most persons everyday life. Whether they are shopping online, streaming music or checking up on their […]

  • Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls

    Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls Motivational programs for employees is a great incentive to boost work morale at a workplace, and encourage employees to increase their productivity. A lot of experts in the field of HR and motivating talks about rewarding you employees as a bonus to strive for, or as a recognition for an achieved […]

  • Motivate your employees with sales competitions

    Sales competitions – Find ideas to your incentives here! Is your business to increase your sales? If your answer is yes – just keep reading! We have some good ideas on sales competitions for your company. The most important thing in sales is that your employees feel motivated to sell your product or service. How […]