Opportunities for your business

Use Huuray solutions in your branding

When you are doing business with Huuray, you get the opportunity to brand your company in a unique way. You will get to use our services without being dependent on a third party system, so your customers will receive the digital gift cards directly from your brand.

In other words you will get to use the electronic gift cards as a part in your branding strategy to promote your brand, and attract customers to your business. You will then have the opportunity to offer customers an E-gift card from a large selection of top gift card brands as a part of a subscription or as a reward for being committed to your brand.

Our services

Core features on the Huuray Platform

Instant delivery

Get the digital gift card in seconds (SMS or E-mail). We love speed!


The digital gift cards are personalized with your logo & personal message.


We love digital – no more psyhical delivery. Instant delivery & great user experience.

No administration

No third party confusion – you keep the relation to users. We will simplify the process.

Large Selection

We offer digital gift cards from over 100 stores & webshops.

API Integration

Automating workflow – freeing you to do more business development. Do your core!