Casestudy: Zenji Mobile & Huuray Aps

The partnership between Huuray and Zenji Mobile will be studied and analyzed throughout this case study. The purpose of this analysis is to clearly define the benefits and solutions, achievable through a partnership with Huuray. Furthermore the analysis will explain and demonstrate, the positive impact on Zenji Mobile’s day-to-day operations as well as the satisfaction of their customers. You will, through this analysis, receive knowledge of Zenji Mobile as a company and what they do, as well as highlighting the problems and needs the company faced, and how we solved these issues.


Who’s Zenji and what do they do?

Zenji Mobile has existed since 2013 and is a teleoperator, who belongs to the telephone company 3. They offer a great variety of mobile subscription, each containing beneficial programs for Zenji’s customers. Through these subscriptions, the customers are able to earn points each month. The earned points grants Zenji’s customers access to redeemable gift cards, through a number of different providers. The gift card gives the customer the opportunity to choose between all of the provider’s stores and webshops.




How was the day-to-day operations, prior to the Huuray partnership?

At first, Zenji bought, received and sent all gift cards from their headquarters to the customers, physically. This forced Zenji to have a storage facility, in order for them to be able to send gift cards right away. The gift cards were all sent by mail because of their physical form, which often could result in delayed deliveries and unsatisfied customers. The delivery time of an order could at times, amount up to 14 days before the customer received the gift card.


Which goals and needs did Zenji have?

Zenji was in charge of buying the gift cards as well as storing them. An abundance of logistic calculations were needed, in order for Zenji to sent out all of their customers gift cards. Which often resulted in customers not receiving their gift cards on the promised delivery date.

Zenji was therefore in need of a partner, who could ease the gift card arrangements pressure as well as oversee the process of sending out gift cards and maintaining the customers satisfaction.




How did we solve these goals and need?

In 2015, a partnership between Zenji Mobile and Huuray was agreed upon. The agreement revolved around incorporating an API solution on Zenji’s website. The API Solution made Huuray responsible for distributing the gift cards, thus making Zenji able to apply more focus on improving the customer experience. The customers are now able to choose among 100’s of different gift cards from Huuray’s website. When choosing a gift card the customers do so on Zenji’s website, freeing them of transferring to a new ordering flow. Because of the digital form of the gift cards, instead of physical, the delivery time has been cut down from days to seconds/minutes. This has resulted in an improved and more pleasing experience for Zenji’s customers, considering the much broader array of choices and the fact that the gift card is delivered instantly.   


The achieved benefits for Zenji through Huuray’s partnership


  • A wider range of stores and webshops for the customers
  • No storage costs for physical gift card
  • Digital gift cards – Short delivery time, receiving the gift card in a matter of seconds
  • Partnership discounts
  • No time needs to be spend on incentives


Quote – Zenji


What made you choose Huuray as a gift card distributor?

Everything was delivered in digital form, which was the thing we found extremely interesting about Huuray. It corresponds very well with our perception of convenience through the phone. This factor was crucial in our decision of choosing Huuray as our gift card distributor, as well as a very good bargain deal.


What needs does Huuray fulfill?

They carry on the strategy of being digital. Every service that we provide, consists of being convenient and digital, to maintain a satisfied customer relationship.

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