Digital gift cards as customer gifts

Digital gift cards as customer gifts are a good idea because it is a good way to say thank you for good cooperation. Or if there is something to be celebrated example your customer’s loyalty, commitment or as a Christmas present. Of course there are many opportunities to give your customers a gift, but quite often it ends up with a bottle of wine or chocolates who might be called a standard gift which is something your customers not need, but is nice to have.


With digital gift card you can delight a customer easily and fast. It takes only a few clicks on our website, and then the digital gift card are sent. Your customer receives the gift card within seconds after the purchase, on their mobile phone via text or e-mail, and can use the gift card immediately in a physical store or on the web shop at that specific store you have chosen. We have over +100 gift card options to choose from, you can choose to send specific gift cards to your customers or you can send our all-round gift card, which is a gift card that gives your customers the opportunity to choose among all the top brands. That way you can be sure your customers get what they want and need. We offer gift cards for:

Home decoration    Wellness
Books    Music and Movies
Beauty products    Restaurant visits
Wine    Ladieswear
Hotel stay    Menswear
Delights    Children’s wear
Electronics    Experiences
Travel    Sports equipment

Huuray offers plenty of options when it comes to customer gifts. Please feel free to contact us if you need a Gift Voucher solution that you both can use if you want to give your customers gifts, but also your employees and partners. From our company login, you can quickly and easily send gift card directly to the recipient’s mobile or email.

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