Digital Rewards – Why?

Why Digitalt Rewards?

When rewarding your customers we think you should choose a digital solution, and here we will give you the reasons why. Modern technology such as computers, tablets and other mobile devices have become a crucial part of most persons everyday life. Whether they are shopping online, streaming music or checking up on their social life on Twitter or Facebook, people are constantly online. Especially thanks to the mobile devices that makes it possible to interact with the world at any time and at any place.

The ever presence of the digital human alone makes good claim to, why digital rewards is a good idea, because they are now always a target for your brand. Most parts of a person’s life is somehow connected to being online, so why shouldn’t rewarding be so too? From a business point of view it makes sense to benefit of this opportunity, that consumers can get enough of digital content. We focus on five points on why digital rewarding is a good idea:

  • Reward them for buying
  • Call-to-action
  • Keeping your crowd
  • Make the customer your co-worker
  • Employees needs rewards to


Reward them for buying

When you promote a product you should consider to add a small reward or gift in your promotion. Often seen as “get a free gift with this purchase”, it often takes on a life of its own because of customers will share the offer among their own network on social medias. This produces a positive feeling and a stronger bond to you brand which will lead to a more committed customer. Free rewards are highly appreciated by customers and often they will make you offer go viral by sharing the free gift opportunity by word-of-mouth among their friends.


Digital rewards offers, because it is digital, at shorter link from discovery of the reward to the redeeming of the reward. A so called call-to-action incentive is easier and quicker when it is all digital. This also effects the bond between the brand and the customer and will strengthen because of the easy-to-redeem solution you are offering. The minimal effort and hassle the customer experience will have a positive impact on their loyalty.

Keeping your crowd

A well known fact in the business world is, that it is easier to retain already existing costumers than to get in new ones. That means that rewarding customers loyalty should not be underrated, and unhappy customers should be handled with respect. Meaning that you easy can show unhappy customers that you take them seriously by gifting them with a digital gift card. Furthermore you will be able to easily reward you happy and loyal customers for their commitment to your brand.

Make the customer your co-worker

Your customers is an invaluable source of information about themselves and their behavior, which can be good for your brand. You can encourage your customers to work for you be rewarding them for doing specific task, which provides you with valuable information. E-gift cards is an obvious way to entice them to complete a specific task for you, and again the way from completed task to received gift card are minimal and quick, and therefore quite an effortless reward for both company and customer.

Employees need rewards to

A great way to secure that you maintain a good service to your customers throughout the entire company is to reward you employees for doing a good job. Small rewards along the way will motivate the employees whom will later face the customers. Digital gift cards can be a small token of showing you appreciate them. This digital rewarding solutions makes sure that you employees stay motivated, and can be done with little effort so you can concentrate on other things.

All in all, gift cards is an excellent tool to motivate, entice, reward and build relationships with, both with customers and own employees. Digital gift cards is a quick and effortless way to execute you incentive reward program, because it lowers cost and time you have to use. Costs because you don’t have mailing and other expenses, and time because e-gift cards can be distributed in seconds.

An easy, effortless and affordable way to show reward your customers loyalty and to motivate your employees. A win-win situation for everybody.

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