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Employee motivation

Engaged and motivated employees doesn’t happen without the correct motivational factors. It requires a dedicated effort from you as a leader to keep your employees motivated and satisfied. Employee gifts are often a challenge due to the level of appropriateness, affordability and other factors, but we have the perfect idea for how to motivate your employee daily which is appropriate and affordable.

At Huuray we work with digital gift cards, which are sent directly to the recipient’s mobile phone via text message or e-mail in few seconds and can be used immediately. You can engage internal competitions among your employees, where the prize is a gift card from Huuray.

We provide over 100 different Gift Voucher opportunities. You can choose gift cards to a particular store or you can choose to give your employees an All-round gift card, a gift card that gives your employees the option to choose from all our gift card partners. For more motivational ideas please see below.

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Charlotte Rasmussen

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Charlotte W. Larsson

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Other ways to motivate your employees

The triggers that motivate people to achieve are unique for everyone, but most people will be motivated to achieve by a prize for example for the best sale, target reached and more.

Tell your employees what you expect of them both personally, behaviorally and academically. Talk regularly with them about their work, so you make sure that they experience their duties as meaningful and that they are working towards a common goal and objectives.

Acknowledge and appreciate your employees and their differences
Ask regularly your employees what drives them to the job, and get a good foundation for leading and motivating them both as individuals and team. Focus on opportunities and solutions based on what is already working well. Show that you value your employees’ strengths – both for the individual and in public forum.

Involve your employees

When your employees feel that you and the company are interested in their contributions, they are more motivated and perform better. Listen to your employees’ ideas and bring them further into the organization. And remember to give employees credit for the ides.

Show interest in the whole person
Talk to your employees – both on the job and other topics. The fact that you do the talking with the individual and thereby show interest in the person as more than “just” an employee motivating for most.

Get regular feedback
Ask employees for feedback on your leadership and communication. This ensures that your statements are sufficiently clear, and you get a benchmark of where your priorities and challenges are as a leader.