The Huuray History

rune eirby poulsen


Rune Eirby Poulsen founded the company while playing prof. handball in Denmark. He was frustrated receiving a gift card by post, which took almost 7 days. He launches a B2C site selling gift cards to consumers in Denmark called

The first code was made, and the first merchants & customers were onboarded on the platform.

Huuray logo with confetti


Started also B2C sites in Sweden, Norway, and Finland – with the brand name: Huuray
+50 merchants on the Huuray network.

løvens hule huuray


Huuray appeared in the first season of Dragons Den/Shark Tank in Denmark (called Løvens Hule 🦁). We got a no from all investors and had to walk away empty-handed.

Picture of employees


More and more B2B customers ordered on the B2C site, so the focus shifted to B2B and making a platform for merchant & B2B customers.
+300 merchants on the Huuray network.



Scanavo Group partnered up with Huuray, and became a shareholder.

Huuray receiving an award


Revenue increased by 480 %. And +1000 merchants on the Huuray network. Received award at the Incentive Award Show in London in The Inspirational Response Category, with our: 100 % Free Initiative – A helping hand to Small business owners during Covid-19.

Huuray team


Launch globally in more than 100 countries, and increased the merchant network with 5000 merchants on Huuray Network. We started with gift cards, but gift cards are only one way sending gifts and rewards. We added Prepaid cards, Charitable donations, subscriptions, Airmiles, crypto gift cards, and much more.

2024: ?

Picture of employees

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