Vanilla Gift Card: Company Growth, Revenue & Scams in 2023

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by Daniela Maria Zabrautanu
August 10, 2023

Vanilla Gift is a leading provider of prepaid gift cards that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard. The company offers a wide range of options, allowing recipients to choose from various designs and load any amount they desire onto the card. With the convenience and flexibility it provides, this gift card has gained immense popularity among consumers and businesses alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the company’s growth, revenue, and the scams that have unfortunately arisen around the use of these gift cards.

What’s Vanilla Gift Revenue?

  • Vanilla Gift Card’s revenue growth can be attributed to its ability to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses, providing a convenient and flexible gifting solution.
  • In 2022, Vanilla Gift demonstrated its presence in the gift card market with a revenue of $73.6 million. This impressive financial achievement highlights the brand’s popularity and consumer engagement within the gifting industry.
vanilla gift revenue
  • The popularity of prepaid gift cards and the convenience they offer have contributed to this success. Additionally, Vanilla Gift Card’s extensive network of retail partners and online availability has allowed the company to reach a wide customer base, further driving its revenue growth.

How many employees does Vanilla Gift Have?

  • As of the latest available information, Vanilla Gift has a workforce consisting of 383 employees. This team contributes to the company’s operations and services, ensuring the smooth functioning of its gift card offerings and related activities.
company number of employees

How much is Vanilla Gift paying its staff in the US?

  • The average yearly salary at Vanilla Gift is $96,852. The annual compensation range at Vanilla Gift is $85,074 to $109,684.


How does Vanilla Gift make money?

  • It is worth noting that Vanilla Gift Card operates on a fee-based revenue model. This means that the company charges fees for various services, such as card activation, balance inquiries, and card replacement. These fees, along with the revenue generated from the sale of the gift cards themselves, contribute to the overall revenue of the company.

Where is Vanilla Gifts located?

  • Vanilla Gift’s headquarters is located at 47 High St, Bristol, Bristol, BS9 3ED, United Kingdom. This location serves as the central hub for the company’s operations and administrative functions.
vanilla gift location

When was Vanilla Gifts founded?

  • Vanilla Gift, the renowned player in the gift card industry, traces its origins back to its establishment in the heart of Westbury Village, marking its inception approximately 8 years ago. Situated in the picturesque surroundings of Westbury Village, the company’s foundation aligns with its commitment to providing accessible and convenient gifting solutions to consumers.

What are Vanilla Gifts’s primary industries?

  • Vanilla Gifts’ main industries are retail,eCommerce, gifts & specialty stores.

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Vanilla Gifts?

  • Vanilla Gifts appears in search results as Vanilla Gifts, Vanilla Gift, Vanilla Gift Card BalanceVanilla Gifts Ltd, Vanillagift.

Source: Datanyze

Vanilla gifts usage by demographics: A Deeper Insight

Understanding a platform’s audience composition is akin to peering through a window into its market share across diverse demographics. Such insights provide a comprehensive understanding of how products, like those offered by Vanilla Gift, resonate with various segments of society.

Vanilla gifts usage by gender: Balancing the Appeal

  • Delving into the gender distribution of’s audience, an intriguing balance emerges. The data reveals a near-even split, with 49.38% of the audience being male and 50.62% female. This equilibrium underscores the universal appeal of Vanilla Gift products, transcending traditional gender boundaries.
  • The brand’s ability to cater to both male and female demographics showcases its adaptability, making it an attractive gifting solution for a broad spectrum of recipients.
demographics by gender

Vanilla Gifts Usage by Age: A Youthful Connection

  • Examining the age groups of visitors to the platform, one age bracket shines particularly bright – the 18 to 24-year-olds. This demographic constitutes the largest age group among’s visitors on desktop devices. This phenomenon highlights the brand’s resonance with the younger generation, reflecting its alignment with modern gifting preferences.
  • The inclination of young adults towards Vanilla Gift signifies the brand’s relevance in the digital age and its ability to capture the attention of tech-savvy individuals.
vanilla gift users age distribution

Source: Similarweb

A look into the digital world & Social Media

The Flourishing Footprint: Vanilla Gifts’ Monthly Visitation

  • For Vanilla Gifts, this metric shines brightly, with an impressive 5.8 million visits per month. This substantial figure underscores the brand’s thriving online footprint and its consistent engagement with a vast audience.
monthly visits
  • As consumers increasingly turn to digital solutions for convenience and versatility, Vanilla Gifts’ 5.8 million monthly visits stand as a testament to its ability to meet the demands of contemporary gifting trends.

Bounce Rate: Navigational Success at 29.22%

  • The bounce rate, which stands at an impressive 29.22%, signifies Vanilla Gifts’ navigational success. A lower bounce rate indicates that visitors are finding relevant and engaging content upon arrival, prompting them to explore further rather than leaving immediately.

Pages per Visit: A Journey of 4.24 Pages

  • For each visit to Vanilla Gifts, users embark on an average journey across 4.24 pages. This metric signifies the extent of engagement and exploration users undertake during their interaction with the platform.
  • The fact that visitors traverse multiple pages demonstrates the depth and variety of content available, enticing them to delve deeper into the offerings Vanilla Gifts provides.

Vanilla Gifts users’ interests

  • Peering into the realm of user interests uncovers a dynamic range of preferences that’s visitors actively engage with. Among the prominent areas of interest lie games, video game consoles, and accessories, signifying an enthusiasm for the gaming world.
  • This interest highlights the intersection of technology and entertainment, showcasing the alignment between the digital landscape and the choices of Vanilla Gifts’ audience. user interests

Top marketing channels used by

  • Understanding a platform’s primary sources of traffic is akin to deciphering the paths that lead users to their online destination.
  • For Vanilla Gifts, a careful analysis of their top marketing channels offers insights into the strategic avenues that drive user engagement and interaction.
  • Leading the pack is Direct traffic, an impressive force that steers a substantial 57.46% of desktop visits to Direct traffic signifies users who access the platform directly by typing in the URL or utilizing bookmarks.
  • In the second place, Organic Search plays a pivotal role in driving traffic to, contributing to 25.62% of the overall visits.
  • This channel highlights the brand’s visibility in search engine results, indicating that users are discovering Vanilla Gifts while actively seeking relevant content or solutions.

How much traffic comes from social media?

  • For Vanilla Gifts, an exploration of their social media traffic offers insights into the platforms that resonate most with their audience, as well as potential avenues for expanding their reach and influence.
  • Youtube is taking the forefront in Vanilla Gifts’ social media traffic, acting as a dynamic conduit that draws in engaged users.
  • This channel’s prominence reflects the captivating potential of video content, enabling Vanilla Gifts to share informative, entertaining, and visually appealing content that resonates with viewers. traffic from social media
  • Following YouTube, the social media traffic landscape of Vanilla Gifts is marked by engagement on Discord and Reddit.
  • These platforms underscore the significance of community-driven interactions, where enthusiasts and users gather to discuss, share, and connect around shared interests.
  • While YouTube, Discord, and Reddit flourish, the realm of Instagram presents a potential opportunity waiting to be harnessed.
  • By actively engaging audiences through captivating imagery and visual storytelling, Vanilla Gifts can tap into Instagram’s vast user base.

Source: Similarweb

Who are Vanilla Gifts’ competitors?

  • Vanilla Gifts operates within a dynamic landscape where competition shapes innovation, customer engagement, and service excellence. Let’s take a closer look at some of Vanilla Gifts’ notable competitors:
  •, a prominent contender, caters to a diverse range of gifting preferences. With a wide selection of gift cards spanning various brands and categories, the platform offers consumers many possibilities to choose precisely what they desire.
  • This customization aligns with modern gifting trends, enabling users to curate their experiences through personalized selections. This is the competitor with the highest degree of similarity. Another notable rival is

Source: Similarweb

Who owns Vanilla Gifts?

  • Owned by InComm Payments, a leading provider of prepaid products and payment technology solutions, Vanilla Gift stands as a testament to InComm’s commitment to providing convenient and accessible options for both gift givers and recipients.
  • With a wide range of applications and acceptance at numerous retail locations, Vanilla Gift has become a preferred choice for those seeking flexible and thoughtful gift-giving options.
  • InComm Payments’ ownership further underscores the brand’s credibility and reliability in the market, making Vanilla Gift a go-to solution for various occasions and celebrations.

Source: Incomm

What is Incomm Payments’ revenue?

  • InComm Payments reported revenue of 1 billion US dollars in the year 2022. This substantial revenue figure underscores InComm Payments’ significant presence and success within the payment technology and prepaid products industry.

What products does Vanilla Gift offer?

  1. Vanilla Visa Gift Cards: These are versatile prepaid Visa cards that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Recipients can use them for online shopping, in-store purchases, and more.
  2. Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards: Similar to Visa cards, these prepaid Mastercards can be used at locations that accept Mastercard debit cards, offering recipients a wide range of spending options.
  3. Vanilla eGift Cards: These are digital versions of traditional gift cards, which can be sent electronically via email. They offer the same flexibility and usability as physical cards.
  4. OneVanilla Cards: These prepaid cards are not tied to a specific network like Visa or Mastercard. They can be used for various purchases and are often used for personal spending or budgeting.
  5. Vanilla Prepaid Cards: These cards can be loaded with a specific amount of money and used for everyday expenses. They are often used for budgeting or as a convenient alternative to cash.
  6. Vanilla Reload Cards: These are reloadable prepaid cards that allow users to add funds to the card over time. They can be used for personal spending or managing expenses.
  7. Limited Edition and Themed Gift Cards: Vanilla Gift occasionally releases limited edition or themed gift cards to coincide with holidays or special occasions. These cards may have unique designs or features.
  8. Customizable Gift Cards: Some variations of Vanilla Gift cards may allow for personalization, such as adding the recipient’s name or a custom message.

Source: Vanillagift

Vanilla gift card scams

In the ever-evolving landscape of Vanilla Gift card scams, a recent incident surfaces, spotlighting the ongoing challenges that consumers face. The most recent case, detailed in a CBS Chicago news report published on July 14, 2023, follows Gwen Thompson, a suburban resident’s unfortunate experience with a malfunctioning Vanilla Visa gift card on Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile. Thompson’s ordeal brings to light the persistence required to navigate through potential scams and customer service hurdles, illustrating the pressing need for vigilance and awareness in the realm of gift card transactions.

Purchase Woes on the Magnificent Mile:

  • Gwen Thompson’s experience with a Vanilla Visa card turned sour when it wouldn’t work after she purchased it with cash on the Magnificent Mile.
  • Thompson was planning a shopping day in downtown Chicago and needed an alternative to cash when one merchant didn’t accept it.

Initial Card Failure:

  • Despite purchasing the Vanilla Visa card for $135 plus a $5.95 fee, the card was declined due to “insufficient funds.”

Hours on Hold and Disconnection:

  • The woman attempted to resolve the issue by calling the 1-800 number on the card, enduring a frustrating two-hour wait on hold, only to be disconnected. And this gift card madness continued.

Persistence through Movies and Emails:

  • While waiting on hold, she turned to entertainment by watching a movie, emphasizing her determination to resolve the issue.
  • After failed attempts to communicate via email, she decided to seek help from CBS 2 News.

Resolution with Limited Explanation:

  • A few days later, the woman received her money back, but the process lacked an explanation or means of follow-up.
  • Correspondence from the “fraud department” arrived from a non-reply email address, leaving her with unanswered questions.

Widespread Complaints and Frustrations:

  • Thompson’s experience mirrors the sentiment of many others, with nearly 1,500 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website over three years, and 2,000 complaints for Vanilla’s parent company.
  • Online consumer platforms host numerous negative reviews and complaints, resulting in a below-average rating for Vanilla products.

Advocating for Awareness:

  • Determined not to suffer in silence, she decided to spread awareness about her ordeal to spark action against such issues.
  • Her actions reflect a growing need for consumers to address and advocate against service-related shortcomings.

Ongoing Efforts:

  • Thompson, joined by others, is researching additional steps to file complaints and raise awareness about issues related to Vanilla cards.
  • CBS 2’s inquiries to Vanilla about Thompson’s case and the overall complaints received no response.

Source: CBS News

An earlier case from last year presents a similar situation

In November 2022, Eyewitness News shed light on a troubling incident that serves as a stark warning to consumers who rely on gift cards for convenient transactions. The report featured the distressing experience of Renee Venezia, an Irvine resident who fell victim to a sophisticated gift card scam involving a Vanilla prepaid Visa Gift Card. Her story not only exposes the vulnerabilities within the gift card system but also underscores the urgent need for heightened awareness among consumers. As the holiday season approached, Venezia’s ordeal served as a timely reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution in the face of evolving fraudulent tactics.

The Stolen Funds Incident:

  • Renee Venezia’s alarming experience unfolded when she discovered her Vanilla prepaid Visa Gift Card worth $500 was empty despite being brand new and sealed.
  • She had received the card from her mother in September 2021, intending to use it for a special trip.

A Deceptive Transaction:

  • During her trip, she presented the Vanilla Gift Card to a hotel clerk in Boston. However, the card was declined, revealing a zero balance.
  • Unbeknownst to her, the funds had been drained from the card nearly a year before her trip.

Seeking Recourse:

  • Disturbed by the situation, Venezia reached out to InComm Financial Services, the parent company of Vanilla Gift Card, to address the issue.
  • InComm’s response verified the card’s presence during the purchases, despite Venezia having the card in her possession.

An Unresolved Matter:

  • Despite Venezia’s insistence that the card was with her, InComm declared her dispute as no longer under review, leaving her without recourse.
  • Similar accounts have emerged on the Better Business Bureau’s website, where InComm holds a low 1-star rating due to customer dissatisfaction.

Suspected Vulnerabilities:

  • Venezia hypothesizes that the money’s illicit access may have been made easier by the card’s serial number, which was visible on the rear of the container.
  • She questions why the packing isn’t more secure in containing such delicate information.

Urgent Warning for Consumers:

  • The woman advises others to use Vanilla gift cards with caution and to utilize them right away to avoid potential fraud.
  • She emphasizes how crucial it is to comprehend that postponing use could leave the cards vulnerable to fraud.

The Impact on Gifting:

  • With the holiday season upon us, she suggests opting for cash gifts instead of gift cards to avoid similar incidents.

InComm’s Response:

InComm Financial Services has promised to investigate Venezia’s claims and provide updates as they become available.

Source: Eyewitness News

How to spot a scam involving a Vanilla gift card

Scammers’ Approach:

  • Scammers impersonate legitimate institutions or individuals, convincing victims to use these gift cards to resolve various urgent issues.

Fraudulent Calls and Messages:

  • Victims receive unsolicited phone calls, emails, or messages, where scammers claim to be from a government agency, tech support, or law enforcement.
  • Scammers create a sense of urgency, threatening consequences like legal action or financial loss to pressure victims into compliance.

Payment with Vanilla Gift Cards:

  • Scammers instruct victims to purchase these gift cards and share the card numbers and PINs over the phone or online.
  • These gift cards are favored due to their ease of purchase and accessibility, allowing scammers to quickly access funds without traceability.

Loss of Funds:

  • Once victims share gift card details, scammers swiftly drain the funds from the cards, leaving victims with significant financial losses.

Common Scenarios:

  • Scammers commonly pose as IRS agents demanding back taxes, tech support personnel fixing non-existent computer issues, or family members in need of emergency assistance.

Preventive Measures:

  • Government agencies and companies like Vanilla Gift actively educate consumers about these scams, emphasizing that legitimate entities won’t demand payment through gift cards.
  • Raising awareness about these scams is crucial to empowering potential victims to recognize and report suspicious communication.

Report and Seek Help:

  • Victims who have fallen prey to such scams are advised to report the incident to law enforcement and the relevant authorities.
  • While recovering lost funds can be challenging, reporting the scam helps authorities track and combat scammers.

Consumer Education:

  • Articles, news reports, and official resources play a vital role in educating the public about the various forms of scams and how to safeguard themselves.

Final thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of Vanilla Gift cards, several crucial takeaways emerge, shedding light on the brand’s offerings, the potential risks associated with scams, and essential measures for purchasing and using gift cards safely.

Owned by InComm Payments, Vanilla Gift’s wide range of prepaid gift card products caters to various preferences, from Visa and Mastercard options to customizable and limited-edition designs.

Recent stories underscore the importance of staying vigilant against potential scams. Instances of unauthorized access to funds or declined balances serve as reminders that consumers should be cautious and proactive. Scammers might exploit vulnerabilities, but by staying informed and vigilant, individuals can minimize risks.

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Vanilla gift cards are a popular choice for individuals and companies looking for convenient and flexible gift options. They are prepaid cards that can be used for purchases at various retail locations, both online and offline. What sets Vanilla gift cards apart is their versatility, as they can be used wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

They are available for purchase at numerous retail stores, making them a convenient option for last-minute gifts or rewards. Additionally, they can be loaded with any amount between $10 and $500, providing flexibility for both the giver and the recipient.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential scams associated with Vanilla gift cards. Scammers may attempt to trick individuals into providing their card numbers and other personal information, allowing them to drain the funds from the card. To protect yourself from these scams, it’s essential to only purchase Vanilla gift cards from reputable sources and to never share the card information with anyone you don’t trust.

Yes, Vanilla gift cards still work. They can be used for purchases at various retail locations, both online and offline, wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. However, it’s important to note that there are certain factors that can affect the functionality of a Vanilla gift card.

One common issue is that the card may not be activated yet. It’s important to follow the activation instructions provided with the card to ensure that it is activated before use. If the card has already been activated and still doesn’t work, contacting Vanilla gift card customer service for assistance is recommended.

Another possible reason for a Vanilla gift card not working is if it has expired. Vanilla gift cards typically have an expiration date printed on them, and if the card has expired, it will no longer work for purchases. Checking the expiration date and contacting customer service for a replacement card, if necessary, is a solution in this case.

Additionally, some merchants may have specific restrictions on the use of Vanilla gift cards. They may only accept certain types of payment methods or may not accept prepaid cards. Reviewing the merchant’s payment policies before making a purchase is important to ensure that the Vanilla gift card is accepted.

It’s important to note that scams associated with Vanilla gift cards exist. Scammers may try to trick individuals into providing their card numbers and personal information, allowing them to drain the funds from the card. To protect yourself from these scams, it is essential to only purchase Vanilla gift cards from reputable sources and to never share the card information

There could be several reasons why your Vanilla gift card is not working. Here are some common issues and potential solutions:

1. Insufficient Funds: Check the balance on your Vanilla gift card to ensure that you have enough funds to cover your purchase. You can do this by visiting the Vanilla gift card website or calling the customer service number provided on the back of the card.

2. Incorrect Information: Double-check the information you entered when making a purchase. Make sure you have entered the correct card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Even a small mistake can result in the card not working.

3. Card Not Activated: If you recently purchased the Vanilla gift card, it may not be activated yet. Make sure to follow the activation instructions provided with the card. If you have already activated the card, try contacting the Vanilla gift card customer service for assistance.

4. Card Expired: Vanilla gift cards typically have an expiration date printed on them. If your card has expired, it will no longer work for purchases. Check the expiration date and consider contacting customer service for a replacement card if necessary.

5. Merchant Restrictions: Some merchants may have specific restrictions on the use of Vanilla gift cards. For example, they may only accept certain types of payment methods or may not accept prepaid cards. Make sure to review the merchant’s payment policies to ensure that your Vanilla gift card is accepted.

If you have tried these solutions and your Vanilla gift card still doesn’t work, it’s recommended to contact the support team.

Activating a Vanilla gift card is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Purchase the Card: Buy a Vanilla gift card from a participating retailer or online. Make sure to check if there are any activation fees associated with the card.

2. Locate the Activation Sticker: Look for the activation sticker on the front or back of the gift card. It typically contains a toll-free number or a website link.

3. Call or Visit the Website: If there is a toll-free number provided, call it to activate your Vanilla gift card. Follow the prompts and provide the required information, such as the card number, security code, and expiration date. Alternatively, if there is a website provided, visit it and follow the activation instructions.

4. Register Your Card (Optional): While not always necessary, it is recommended to register your Vanilla gift card with the issuer. This can help protect your funds in case the card is lost or stolen. Visit the Vanilla gift card website or call the customer service number to register your card.

5. Confirm Activation: After providing the necessary information, you will receive confirmation that your Vanilla gift card has been successfully activated. You can then start using it for purchases.

Using a Vanilla gift card online is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Choose a Retailer: Start by selecting the online retailer or website where you want to make a purchase. Ensure that the retailer accepts Vanilla gift cards as a form of payment.

2. Add Items to Cart: Browse through the website and add the desired items to your shopping cart, just like you would with any other online purchase.

3. Proceed to Checkout: Once you have added all the items you want, proceed to the checkout page. Look for the payment options section.

4. Enter Gift Card Information: Select the option to pay with a gift card or prepaid card. You will then be prompted to enter the necessary information from your Vanilla gift card. This typically includes the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.

5. Verify and Submit: Double-check the information you entered to ensure accuracy. Once you are certain everything is correct, click the “Submit” or “Apply” button to complete the transaction.

6. Check Balance: After the transaction is complete, it’s a good idea to check the remaining balance on your Vanilla gift card. This will help you keep track of your funds for future online purchases.