7 Best Employee Anniversary Gifts + Tips to Gift Giving


In this article, we will cover ideas for thoughtful employee anniversary gifts and will also include some tips to make you the best gift planner in the industry.

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Why are employee anniversary gifts important?

Employee anniversary gifts are valuable because they can boost productivity, increase loyalty, lower turnover, and attract new talent. Potential employees may be more likely to want to work for your company if they see that the company values and acknowledges the contributions of its employees. This applies to any industry or sector. Let’s get straight into it.

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1. Send a gift card

This might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of gifts that will satisfy the vast majority of people, and you are right to think that. Gift cards’ flexibility and freedom to choose from multiple brands offer possibilities for all recipients. They also raise the chance to receive something that they love. Whether you want to offer 5-dollar gift cards to Starbucks or 100-dollar ones to Home Depot, this option works for any budget. Customizable gift cards provide even more value as employee anniversary gifts since you can include a personalized message that suits the occasion. Huuray has great customizable gift card options that you check out.

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Send yourself a gift card

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2. Toast to their milestones

Ah, toasting for employees! It’s always a happy occasion to acknowledge and honor their efforts and achievements. Toasting is a simple yet powerful approach to thank and appreciate your employees’ efforts. Whether it’s to mark the completion of a successful project, a work anniversary, or a personal milestone. In the US, Harry & David is a well-known and liked beverage brand that is frequently presented as a gift. They are well-known for their gift baskets, which come with a variety of goods, including alcoholic beverages like wine, coffee, and tea. Starbucks sells a variety of coffee, tea, and other drinks that can be bought in gift sets, is another well-known brand that may be given as a present. Several additional beverage companies, like Tazo, Teavana, and Godiva, also sell gift sets and packages. This is a thoughtful and versatile approach to express your gratitude for a coworker’s years of hard work and dedication as employee anniversary gifts.

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3. Offer office upgrades

Think about it – we spend a large portion of our life at work, thus having a comfortable and productive office is crucial. When it comes to offering employee anniversary gifts, office upgrades can be an amazing idea! They not only contribute to a more pleasant and effective work atmosphere, but they also express your appreciation for their contributions and desire to invest in their wellbeing. Additions like standing desks, noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic chairs, or even some plants can make a big difference in improving staff morale and job satisfaction. Additionally, having a happy and productive workforce has several long-term advantages. So why not provide your staff with a better working environment as a gift? They’ll value it, and you’ll benefit from it!

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4. Plan an escape room

You can show your appreciation for your staff by setting up an escape room as a gift, which will help promote cooperation and problem-solving abilities. Not to mention that it’s a novel and fun method for your staff to get to know one another outside of the typical workplace environment. You can choose an escape room that matches the interests and abilities of your team by choosing from a number of themes and levels of difficulty. There are many possibilities to suit your team’s preferences, whether you decide on a creepy Halloween-themed room, a science fiction adventure, or a historical mystery. Also, it’s a gift that keeps on giving because the memories created while collaborating to escape the room will endure much beyond the actual experience. Plan that escape room gift; your staff will certainly like it! This will for sure be one of the favoutite employee anniversary gifts.

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5. Send a work-from-home care package

These days, more and more people work from home, so it’s critical to recognize the particular challenges and pressures of remote work. A survey by Upwork found that 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. A work-from-home care package is a thoughtful method to demonstrate to your staff that you care about their well-being and that you want to support them in their work environment. A number of items can be included in a work-from-home care package to make your employees’ time spent working from home more relaxing and enjoyable. This could be something as simple as a soft blanket or pillow, personalized mugs, a plant to liven up their desk, or even gift cards to a nearby coffee shop or takeout service. You could include a greeting card as well. The best thing, though? You can create a care package for your remote workers based on their preferences and needs. There are several solutions available for employee anniversary gifts. Whether you want to provide your staff a little more warmth during the cooler months or you want to assist them to stay energized and motivated all day.

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6. Help them learn something new

Provide your staff access to courses that are specific to their field and you’re demonstrating your commitment to your employee’s professional growth and development. This shows that you care about their professional development. It’s a considerate way to acknowledge their work and dedication and to support their continued success at your company. Plus, it helps to build a stronger and more skilled workforce. So why not think about providing access to courses tailored to your sector for your next employee celebration? Your employees will value and profit from it for years to come! But industry-specific courses are not the only possibility. You can opt for more general courses such as for personal development. Many themes, including time management, communication skills, stress management, and mindfulness, are covered in personal development classes. These can assist your staff members to perform better at work, gain more self-confidence, and improve their general quality of life.

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7. An experience – a weekend getaway in New York City

You can choose from multiple experience gifts, but we believe a weekend getaway to New York City is one of the best. One of the most iconic and thrilling cities in the world, New York City offers countless chances for exploration and adventure. You can give your staff the chance to take a break from their regular routine and enjoy everything that the city has to offer by arranging a weekend getaway as an anniversary gift. Everyone can find something to do in New York City, whether it’s catching a Broadway musical, strolling through the lively neighborhoods, or touring iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. The best thing, though? Your employees can share with their loved ones the gift of a weekend getaway, making it an especially special and meaningful experience. In summary, a weekend trip to New York City can be a wonderful employee anniversary gift that demonstrates to your employees how much you appreciate their contributions to the company. It’s a gift that allows for relaxation, adventure, and the chance to make priceless memories.

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Tips on how to choose meaningful gifts for your team

To make sure you are the best corporate gift giver, we prepared a list of tips to help you go through the process and always choose gifts that will delight your recipients.

1. Plan ahead

This might be obvious, but when you suddenly find out that a couple of employees will soon celebrate their 5-year anniversary with your company and you don’t know what is appropriate for this occasion, you might get stressed out. What is your company’s standard gift-giving procedure? How much should you spend on employee anniversary gifts and for each type of anniversary? Should you do anything at all? These are all relevant questions that you need to find answers to. So planning will save you time and mental energy when the moment comes to choose a gift. Try to figure out what is relevant for your company to give to celebrate its staff, and take notes.

  • Create a calendar: Create a calendar with the anniversaries of all of your employees so you can prepare ahead of time for each one.
  • Budget: Decide how much money you have to spend on gifts for employees’ anniversaries. You can use this to select what kind of gifts you can afford to buy.
  • Brainstorm ideas: Come up with relevant present suggestions for your staff. To figure out what kind of gifts your staff would like, you might survey them or ask for suggestions.
  • Order in advance: Once you’ve chosen the gifts you wish to offer, place your order well in advance. This will give you enough time to make sure the presents are high-quality and delivered on time.
  • Prepare for delivery: If you intend to deliver the gifts in person, be sure to allocate some time on the appropriate day. Make sure to verify the shipping information and double-check the recipients’ addresses if you intend to have the presents shipped to your employees.

By following these steps, you can prepare in advance for employee anniversary gift-giving and demonstrate to your staff how much you appreciate what they have done for the company.

2. Make them interesting and simple

Consider the personalities, interests, and hobbies of your staff. Take into account any difficulties they might be experiencing, such as working from home or feeling disconnected from the team. This will assist you in selecting a present that is not only pleasing to them but also suitable and valuable to them. Here are some ideas to make employee anniversary gifts interesting and simple:

  • Offer choices: Instead of giving each employee an identical present, let them choose from a few alternative options. This can add interest to the gift-giving process and enable employees to select presents they will genuinely value.
  • Consider experiential gifts: Simple yet engaging experiential gifts can be a paid day off or a gift card to a restaurant. They provide your staff with a memorable experience.
  • Focus on the presentation: By doing so, you can add excitement to even the most basic of gifts. Think about attractively packaging the gift or delivering it in a special container.
  • Give a practical gift: Occasionally, the most interesting gifts are also the most useful. Think about giving staff members a present that they can use in their regular work, such as a new notebook or a personalized pen.
  • Celebrate with a team event: Consider holding a team event to celebrate employee anniversaries rather than giving each employee a present. This may be a quick and creative method to express your appreciation for your staff members.

By following these ideas, you can make employee anniversary gifts interesting and simple, and show your employees that you value their contributions to your company.

3. Think about the future

Here are some ways to consider the future when choosing employee anniversary gifts:

  • Focus on sustainability: Consider offering gifts that are environmentally friendly or won’t cause too much harm to the environment. This can indicate to your staff that you have a concern for the environment and are making efforts to protect it.
  • Give gifts that promote wellness: Offering your staff wellness-promoting gifts, such as gym memberships or healthy food or snacks, can demonstrate how much you prioritize their long-term health and well-being.
  • Consider long-term usefulness: Choose presents for your employees that they can use over time, such as deluxe travel bags or a custom portfolio. This might indicate to your staff how much you appreciate their continued success and growth within the organization.

When picking employee anniversary gifts, keep the future in mind to show to your employees that you appreciate their long-term dedication to the company and that you care about their success and well-being.

4. Give them meaning

Receiving a book or candy as a work anniversary gift is fine, but it’s even better if that gift has a meaning attached to it. An unforgettable gift that your employees will value for years is not hard to find, and you don’t need to go through a long journey to find it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Personalize the gifts: Add your employees’ names, their anniversary dates, or any other special note to the presents. This will increase the gifts’ significance and demonstrate to your staff how much you value their commitment and hard work.
  • Celebrate with a personal touch: Celebrating employee anniversaries with a personal touch, such as a handwritten note or a team lunch, can make the gift-giving experience more meaningful and show your employees that you care.

5. Don’t make it a one-time-per-year kind of gift

Think about all the ways your staff offers tremendous value to the company. Gift-giving should not be limited to holidays or special events. Recognize and show your appreciation for your staff members on a regular basis, such as after a job well done or after meeting important deadlines. This will foster a culture of positivity and cooperation at work. Here are some ideas for giving work gifts beyond just anniversaries:

  • Thank-you gifts: Provide a little gift to a coworker who went above and above or assisted you with a project to express your appreciation. Examples of such gifts are a coffee mug, a gift card to their preferred store or restaurant, or a handwritten letter.
  • Welcome gifts: A desk plant, a personalized notebook or pen, or a welcome basket filled with snacks and office supplies are all simple ways to welcome a new coworker.
  • Birthday gifts: Celebrate your employees’ or coworkers’ birthdays by giving them a small present, like a birthday card, a sweet treat, or a gift card.

A culture of recognition and appreciation has its benefits. Employee incentives have a tremendous effect on employee motivation and engagement. According to a Gallup survey, employees who receive praise or recognition for their job are more engaged, more productive, and more likely to stay with their employer.

6. Consider quality

It takes time and care to create thoughtful employee anniversary gifts, but it can be a wonderful way to express your gratitude to your coworkers and forge stronger bonds with them. Here are some ideas for producing thoughtful and qualitative employee anniversary gifts:

  • Choose high-quality materials: When choosing the materials for your gift, go for high-quality, usable materials that the recipient will like. Pick a durable travel mug or a premium leather portfolio as examples.
  • Invest in craftsmanship: Be sure to pay attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship when making a handmade or artisanal gift. This will guarantee that the gift is both beautiful and practical.

7. Embrace company swag

Embracing company swag as workplace gifts for staff members can be a great way to create a sense of community and promote a sense of belonging within the company. Here are some tips for using branded items as work gifts:

  • Offer variety: Provide employees with a variety of options, such as caps, tumblers, notepads, and pens. This enables them to choose a product they will genuinely like and value.
  • Incorporate feedback: Ask about the types of swag that employees would like to receive, and use this information to guide your future swag purchases.
  • Make it fun: Make swag giveaways a pleasant occasion. To distribute goods, think about holding a trivia competition or swag raffle for the entire company.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, employee anniversary gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees and colleagues, but they shouldn’t be limited to just that. Regular recognition and appreciation can create a positive and happy workplace culture. When giving work anniversary gifts, consider the employee’s interests and try to incorporate elements of the company culture. Remember, it’s not about the cost of the gift, but the thought and effort put into it. With these tips, you can create meaningful and thoughtful work anniversary gifts that will make your team feel valued and appreciated.


Work anniversaries are a great opportunity to showcase appreciation to your hard-working staff. Depending on the amount of time they spent with the company, different gifts are appropriate. Think about items such as books, candles, drinkware, or anything that your staff is interested in. For 5 or even 10 years of work anniversaries, consider higher-value gifts.

The amount you should invest in an employee anniversary gift will vary depending on a number of elements, including the person’s tenure, role, and duties, as well as your company’s budget.

As a general rule, you should think about spending between 1-2% of the employee’s annual salary on a present for their work anniversary. It’s important to keep in mind that the gift’s worth shouldn’t be a major consideration. The most significant fact is to show appreciation for the employee’s hard work and commitment to the business.

Here are some ideas for what you can get an employee for a 5-year work anniversary:

  • Company swag: Consider gifting company swag such as branded hats or high-quality gift boxes to show appreciation and promote a sense of belonging within the company.
  • Team celebration: Consider organizing a team celebration to recognize the employee’s achievements and contributions. This could include a team lunch, a happy hour, or a group activity. You can create a virtual event to include the employees that work remotely as well.

Congratulating an employee on their tenth anniversary of employment is a wonderful chance to express your gratitude and recognition for their dedication and hard work. Here are some suggestions for gifts you could present a worker who has worked for you for ten years:

  • A personalized medal or engraved plaque: It honors the employee’s accomplishments and services to the business. This is a fantastic way to thank them for their many years of service.
  • Gift card: Consider giving someone a gift card to their preferred restaurant, store, or activity. This gives the employee a chance to select something they truly appreciate while also demonstrating your appreciation for their effort and diligence.
  • Time off: Think about offering extra paid time off as a way to acknowledge the employee’s hard work and provide a much-needed break.
  • Personalized gift: Choose a personalized gift such as a high-quality leather portfolio, a customized watch, or a piece of jewelry that commemorates their 10-year anniversary.

In the end, the best gift for an employee with 10 years of service will depend on their individual preferences and your company culture. It’s important to take the time to consider what will be most meaningful and impactful for the employee.