70 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas Fun For All

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas
by Signe Hegart
November 13, 2023

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, creating a positive work culture is more important than ever. One way companies are accomplishing this is through virtual happy hours. These fun and interactive events, enhanced by the inclusion of engaging activities and even exciting rewards like gift cards, allow employees to unwind, connect, and have some much-needed fun together. If you’re looking for virtual happy hour ideas to boost morale and enhance team bonding, we’ve got you covered. Here are 70 ideas, including some that involve the added excitement of gift cards, to get the party started!

What are Virtual Happy Hour Ideas?

Virtual happy hour ideas are activities or themes that can be incorporated into virtual or online gatherings to create a fun and engaging experience for employees. These ideas can range from games and quizzes to interactive challenges and themed events. The goal is to create a relaxed and social atmosphere where employees can bond and enjoy each other’s company, even when they are not physically together.

Why are Virtual Happy Hour Ideas important for companies?

Virtual happy hour ideas are important for companies because they help foster a positive work culture and improve employee morale. In today’s remote work environment, it can be challenging for employees to socialize and connect with their colleagues. Virtual happy hours provide a platform for employees to interact and build relationships outside of work-related tasks. This can lead to improved teamwork, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

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Using gift cards as a prize in Virtual Happy Hour Ideas ????

Using gift cards as prizes in virtual happy hour ideas comes with several benefits that contribute to the overall enjoyment and engagement of the participants. Here are some reasons why incorporating gift cards into your virtual happy hour is a great idea:

  • Versatility: Gift cards offer recipients the flexibility to choose what they want with the freedom of choice gift card. By providing gift cards to popular retailers, online platforms, or restaurants, you ensure that the prize appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

  • Inclusivity: Gift cards are inclusive and can cater to diverse interests. Whether someone enjoys shopping, dining, entertainment, or subscription gifts, there are gift cards available for various preferences, making it a universally appreciated prize.

  • Customization: You can tailor the gift cards to align with the theme or purpose of the virtual happy hour. For example, if you’re hosting a movie-themed event, consider offering occasion gift cards suited for the theme.

  • Motivation for Participation: Offering tangible prizes, such as gift cards, can serve as motivation for active participation. Whether it’s competing in a game, showcasing a talent, or dressing up in a costume, the chance to win a prize adds an exciting and competitive element to the virtual gathering.

  • Memorability: Gift cards provide a lasting memory of the virtual happy hour. Winners will associate the positive experience of the event with the tangible reward they received, creating a memorable and enjoyable occasion.
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70 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas for Companies ????????‍????

1. Themed Costume Party

Choose a theme like “Superheroes,” “Movie Characters,” or “Decades.” Encourage participants to get creative with their costumes, and have a virtual costume parade to showcase everyone’s outfits.

Themed Costume Party

2. Online Escape Room Challenge

Research and select a virtual escape room platform or app. Divide participants into teams and work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and “escape” within a set time. It’s a great team-building activity.

Take a look at The Escape Game and get inspired!

3. Virtual Pub Quiz

Create different rounds of trivia, including general knowledge, pop culture, and themed rounds. Use online quiz platforms or design your own questions. Award points and declare a trivia champion at the end.

4. Digital Mixology Class

Hire a professional mixologist to guide the group through the art of cocktail-making. Participants can follow along, make their own drinks, and discuss their creations. It’s a fun way to learn new recipes.

5. Share Your Favorite Jokes

Create a lighthearted atmosphere by having a “joke of the day” segment. Encourage participants to share their favorite jokes or funny stories, bringing laughter to the virtual space.

6. Online Board Game Night ????

Explore virtual board game platforms like Tabletopia or Board Game Arena. Choose classics like Monopoly or try new strategy games. Discuss strategies, have friendly competitions, and enjoy the game night atmosphere.

7. DIY Craft and Sip

Pick a simple craft project that everyone can do with basic materials. While crafting, participants can enjoy their favorite beverages and showcase their finished creations at the end.

8. Show and Tell

Set a theme for the show and tell session, such as “Most Unusual Item” or “Favorite Childhood Toy.” This activity fosters connection by sharing personal stories and items.

9. Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Choose a virtual murder mystery game or hire a virtual host to guide the group through a suspenseful storyline. Participants take on different roles and work together to solve the mystery.

Learn the game The Movie Murder Mystery Party

10. Wine Tasting at Home

Have each participant select a bottle of wine. Share tasting notes, discuss favorite varieties, and even pair wines with virtual snacks. It’s a sophisticated and enjoyable way to bond.

Wine Tasting at Home

11. Online Karaoke Jam

Use karaoke apps or platforms that allow participants to sing their favorite songs. Create a virtual stage and take turns performing. It’s a fantastic way to showcase hidden talents and have a blast.

12. Virtual Cooking Challenge

Choose a common ingredient, set a time limit, and see who can come up with the most innovative dish. Participants can present their creations and share cooking tips during the virtual happy hour.

13. Book Club Gathering ????

Read a book together and schedule a virtual meeting to discuss themes, characters, and plot twists. This activity promotes intellectual engagement and encourages reading.

14. Online Paint and Sip

Follow a virtual painting tutorial while sipping on your favorite drinks. Share your masterpieces at the end and appreciate the unique interpretations of the same tutorial.

15. Movie Trivia Night

Choose a movie genre or a mix of classics and recent releases. Craft trivia questions related to film plots, actors, and quotes. It’s a cinematic way to test everyone’s movie knowledge.

16. Fitness Class ⛹????‍♂️

Hire a virtual fitness instructor or follow an online workout video together. Motivate each other to stay active and healthy while enjoying the camaraderie.

17. Language Exchange Meetup

Designate a language for each session and take turns practicing. This activity promotes cultural understanding and language learning in a casual and enjoyable setting.

18. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items or themes for participants to find in their homes. The first one to gather all items or complete the list wins. It’s a lively and interactive game.

19. Coffee Chat Session

Start the day on a positive note with a casual morning coffee chat. Discuss plans for the day, share inspirational quotes, or simply enjoy each other’s company.

Coffee Chat Session

20. Share Your Travel Stories

Rotate each session to focus on a different participant’s travel experiences. Share anecdotes, tips, and even virtual travel photos. It’s a great way to explore the world from the comfort of your homes.

21. Virtual TED Talk Discussion

Select a TED Talk with a thought-provoking topic. Watch it together and engage in a meaningful discussion afterward. Encourage participants to share their insights and reflections.

22. Themed Bingo Night

Customize bingo cards with themes like “80s Music,” “Movie Quotes,” or “Book Titles.” Play multiple rounds, and winners can showcase their bingo cards during the virtual happy hour.

23. Online Poker Tournament

Organize a virtual poker night with a tournament-style structure. Use virtual poker platforms to deal cards, and enjoy the strategic gameplay with friends or colleagues.

24. Virtual Ice Cream Social

Set up a virtual ice cream bar with various toppings. Participants can create their own sundaes and enjoy a sweet treat while chatting.

25. DIY Pizza Making Party

Challenge participants to create their own pizzas with unique toppings. Share recipes, cooking techniques, and, of course, enjoy the delicious results together.

26. Online Charades ????

Play a lively game of charades virtually. Use an online charades generator or create your own list of prompts. It’s a fun and entertaining way to act out words or phrases.

27. Career Development Chat

Dedicate a session to discussing career goals, aspirations, and challenges. Share advice, exchange professional tips, and foster a supportive community.

28. Virtual Beer Pong

Recreate the classic beer pong game in a virtual setting. Set up your cups, take aim, and enjoy the friendly competition with your favorite beverages.

Virtual Beer Pong

29. Netflix Party Movie Night

Use the Netflix Party extension to synchronize movie watching with friends. Choose a film, chat about the plot, and enjoy a virtual movie night together.

Check out Netflix Party and see how it works!

30. Personality Quiz Night

Take online personality quizzes together and discuss the results. It’s a lighthearted way to explore each other’s personalities and preferences.

31. DIY Sushi Night

Learn how to make sushi together with a virtual sushi-making tutorial. Share your sushi rolls and enjoy the delicious outcome.

32. Virtual Dance Party

Create a collaborative playlist and dance together in your own spaces. It’s a lively way to boost energy and have a good time.

33. Virtual Museum Tour ????️

Explore online museum exhibits as a group. Discuss your favorite pieces, art styles, and historical periods. It’s a cultural and educational experience.

34. Online Poetry Slam

Share your favorite poems or create your own poetry. Discuss the emotions and meanings behind each piece, fostering a creative and expressive atmosphere.

35. DIY Burger Bar

Build your own gourmet burgers with various toppings and condiments. Share your burger creations and cooking tips during the virtual happy hour.

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36. Virtual Travel Bucket List

Share your dream travel destinations and experiences. Discuss the top places you’d like to visit and exchange travel tips with fellow participants.

37. Online Board Game Marathon

Play multiple board games in a single virtual session. Rotate through different games to keep the energy high and the fun going.

Online Board Game Marathon

38. Virtual Concert Watching

Attend a live concert together online. Share your favorite songs, dance, and immerse yourself in the virtual music experience.

39. Share Your Fun Facts

Dedicate a session for participants to share interesting or surprising facts about themselves. It’s a great way to learn more about each other in a light-hearted manner.

40. DIY Nacho Night

Create a virtual nacho bar with various toppings and dips. Everyone can customize their nachos and enjoy a tasty and interactive snack.

41. Online Poker Night

Play poker or other card games virtually. Create a friendly tournament setting, and enjoy some strategic card playing.

42. DIY Dessert Extravaganza

Make and enjoy delicious desserts together. Share recipes, baking tips, and of course, the joy of indulging in sweet treats.

43. Virtual Garden Tour ????

Showcase your gardening skills and plants. Discuss favorite flowers, gardening tips, and the therapeutic benefits of nurturing plants.

44. TED Talk Marathon

Watch a series of TED Talks on various topics. Discuss the ideas presented and reflect on how they apply to your own lives.

45. Online Art Show and Tell

Share your artwork or discuss your favorite artists. Explore different art styles and express your appreciation for creativity.

46. Virtual 20 Questions

Play the classic game of 20 Questions in a virtual setting. Take turns guessing and answering, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Virtual 20 Questions

47. Virtual Car Karaoke

Sing along in your cars together virtually. Choose your favorite tunes, create a playlist, and enjoy a unique karaoke experience.

48. DIY Taco Night

Make tacos together and share your favorite recipes. Discuss different taco variations and enjoy a virtual taco feast.

49. DIY Fashion Show

Model your favorite outfits or try out new styles. Share fashion tips and discuss the latest trends during your virtual runway session.

50. Online Board Game Tournament

Compete in a virtual board game tournament with various games. Keep track of scores and declare a champion at the end.

51. Virtual Ice Cream Float Party ????

Make creative ice cream floats with different sodas and flavors. Share your unique float combinations and enjoy a refreshing treat.

52. Virtual DIY Home Decor

Create and show off your homemade decorations. Share DIY tips and discuss how you’ve personalized your living spaces.

53. Virtual Comedy Club

Hire a virtual comedian or take turns telling jokes. Laugh together and enjoy the humor, creating a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere.

54. Online Beer Tasting

Share and discuss different types of beer. Explore new brews together and appreciate the diverse world of craft beers.

Online Beer Tasting

55. Virtual Costume Contest ????

Dress up in fun costumes and vote for the best. Award virtual prizes for creativity and effort, fostering a festive and playful vibe.

56. Virtual Movie Emoji Quiz

Create emoji quizzes related to movies. Challenge participants to decipher the movie titles based on emojis and discuss their favorite films.

57. Virtual Outdoor Adventure Stories

Share your favorite outdoor adventure stories. Discuss camping trips, hiking experiences, and the joys of connecting with nature.

58. Online Bingo Night

Play bingo with various rounds and themes. Create bingo cards with personalized themes for a fun and interactive game night.

Make your own bingo game at My Free Bingo Cards

59. DIY Home Tour

Show off different parts of your homes virtually. Discuss your favorite rooms, decorations, and the stories behind your home decor.

60. DIY Science Experiment ????

Conduct simple science experiments together. Share the excitement of discovery and learn something new in a collaborative setting.

61. Virtual Personality Test Party

Take personality tests and discuss the results. Explore each other’s personality traits and how they contribute to the dynamics of the group.

62. Online Trivia Night

Host a trivia night with diverse topics. Encourage friendly competition and challenge participants with a variety of interesting and entertaining questions.

63. Virtual Poker and Cigar Night

Enjoy poker and virtual cigars together. Create a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere for a memorable evening.

Virtual Poker and Cigar Night

64. Digital Cooking Class ????????‍????

Cook a meal together with a virtual chef guiding the way. Share cooking tips, culinary experiences, and, of course, the joy of a delicious meal.

65. Virtual Talent Show

Showcase your hidden talents or skills. From singing and dancing to magic tricks, create a supportive space for everyone to shine.

66. Virtual Dance Class

Learn dance moves together from the comfort of your homes. Follow online dance tutorials and groove to your favorite beats.

67. Virtual Breakfast Club

Have a virtual breakfast gathering for morning interactions. Share breakfast recipes, morning routines, and energize each other for the day ahead.

68. DIY Movie Night ????️

Create short films or skits to share during the happy hour. Get creative with storytelling and enjoy a unique movie experience.

69. Virtual Improv Night

Engage in virtual improv games and activities. Unleash your creativity, spontaneity, and have a good laugh together.

70. Online Pet Show and Tell

Introduce your pets and share their amusing stories. From quirky behaviors to heartwarming tales, celebrate the joy of furry (or scaly) companions.

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Tools to use when organizing a virtual happy hour ⚙️

Organizing a virtual happy hour can be a fun and engaging way to bring your team together and boost morale, especially when remote work is the new norm. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, here are some essential tools you will need:

Video Conferencing Platform

Video Conferencing Platform

Choose a reliable video conferencing platform that allows for easy communication and interaction among participants. Popular options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Ensure that the platform you choose can accommodate the number of attendees you expect.

Calendar and Scheduling Tool

Calendar and Scheduling Tool

To coordinate the best time for your virtual happy hour, consider using a calendar and scheduling tool like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. These tools allow you to send out invitations, schedule the event, and track RSVPs, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Communication Channels

Communication Channels

To keep everyone informed and engaged, set up dedicated communication channels for your virtual happy hour. You can use tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams to create a chat or dedicated channel for participants to discuss ideas, share updates, or ask questions before or during the event.

employees having fun

Virtual Game and Activity Platforms

To make your virtual happy hour more entertaining and interactive, consider using virtual game and activity platforms. Websites like Jackbox Games, Kahoot, or QuizBreaker offer a wide range of games and quizzes that can be played together remotely.

spotify gift card

Music Streaming Service

No happy hour is complete without some background music. Choose a music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music to create a playlist or stream music during your virtual happy hour. Make sure to select a playlist that fits the vibe and preferences of your team.

Virtual Backgrounds and Filters

Virtual Backgrounds and Filters

Add some fun and excitement to your virtual happy hour by using virtual backgrounds and filters. Many video conferencing platforms offer this feature, allowing participants to change their background or add filters to their video feed. Encourage your team to get creative and have some fun with it.

employees talking behind a table

Icebreaker and Conversation Starters

To break the ice and spark work conversations starters during your virtual happy hour, prepare some icebreaker questions or conversation starters. This can help create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to connect and interact.

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5 tips for Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

  1. Theme and Variation: Introduce themes to your virtual happy hours to add excitement and variety. Whether it’s a costume party, a movie night, or a DIY activity, having a central theme can make the event more cohesive and entertaining. Rotate themes for each session to keep things fresh and engaging.

  2. Interactive Activities: Incorporate interactive activities that encourage participation. Games, trivia, and challenges are excellent choices to break the ice and foster a lively atmosphere. Consider using online platforms or apps specifically designed for virtual team activities to enhance engagement.

  3. Clear Communication: Ensure clear communication before the event by providing details, such as the agenda, any materials needed, and guidelines for participation. Use collaboration tools like Slack or a dedicated chat channel to keep everyone informed and engaged. Clear communication helps set expectations and creates a seamless virtual experience.

  4. Inclusive Engagement: Strive for inclusivity by ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate. Consider varying the format of activities to cater to different preferences and comfort levels. Encourage quieter team members to share their thoughts and ideas, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  5. Surprise and Delight: Infuse an element of surprise or special moments during the virtual happy hour. This could include unexpected awards, impromptu games, or even virtual gifts like e-gift cards for outstanding participation. Creating moments of delight helps keep the event memorable and adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

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As we navigate the complexities of remote work, virtual happy hour ideas stand as a beacon for creating meaningful connections in the digital realm. From themed costume parties to DIY cooking challenges, these activities transcend the virtual space, bringing teams together in shared experiences. What sets these virtual gatherings apart is the incorporation of gift cards as enticing prizes. This innovative addition not only elevates the overall enjoyment but also serves as a tangible token of appreciation for participants’ engagement and contribution.

In essence, virtual happy hours, fortified by the versatility of gift cards, contribute significantly to crafting a positive and connected workplace. By embracing these ideas and recognizing the importance of employee well-being, companies can foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and mutual support. As we move forward in this dynamic work environment, let these virtual happy hour ideas serve as catalysts for cultivating a vibrant and resilient team spirit. Cheers to the joy of virtual connections and the boundless possibilities they bring!


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Employee well-being is important in the workplace because it contributes to overall job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work.

Virtual happy hours provide opportunities for teams to connect, interact, and have fun in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. By incorporating these activities into the remote work routine, companies can foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and mutual support.

Gift cards can be used as enticing prizes during virtual happy hours, adding an extra element of excitement and motivation for participants. They also serve as tangible tokens of appreciation for participants’ engagement and contribution.

Some virtual happy hour ideas include themed costume parties, DIY cooking challenges, virtual trivia or game nights, and virtual mixology classes.