Our three gift card solutions

Our three gift card solutions


What can we offer you? 

At Huuray.com we have two gift card solutions for our B-2-B customers; one where the specific gift cards you want are sent to you with an invoice of all the gift cards, or another option, of receiving a B-2-B login to our website, where you can send out a gift card to all of our retailers – where the receiver can decide what they want to redeem. A more detailed description is written below.

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1. Orders put in manually

Here we will send you a spreadsheet with the chosen gift card vouchers; eg. The Body Shop, and thereafter invoice you for the gift cards. These vouchers can thereafter be sent out, by you, to their e-mail adresses or their mobile phones. Now they can redeem their gift card at the store or web shop that you have decided upon.

2. B-2-B Login 

Here you receive a B-2-B login account to our website, where you can send out our ”All-round” gift cards to the customers on the fly by e-mail or SMS. This will be delivered with your company name, personal message and a link to the gift card.

  • The billing is through an invoice which will be sent to you the first of every month.
  • You can read more about it here. (In Danish)

What is an API? 

An API is an abbreviation of Application Program Interface, which is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. The API helps specify how software components should interact and are used for programming graphical user interface components.

How does our API system work?

At Huuray we have a function that sends out the gift cards that you have ordered to all the employees or customers, or whoever you want to send it to.

When you become a partner with Huuray, there is an API solutions that you can choose from:

3. API Solution

The Huuray platform manages digital gift cards, which can be distributed through the use of our API solution. This enables the reseller’s third party applications to offer their own end-to-end digital gift card programmes, with minimal effort.

  • This API can allow you to choose between +100 digital gift cards which you want your customers or employees to receive for completing a desire action. Eg. using your services online, submitting to your newsletter, completing a task, or something else entirely.
  • It allows you to automate the entire rewards delivery process with our simple API-integration
  • Promotes your company, and leaves the reward delivery process to us.

The documentation for the API solution can be seen here.

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The three solutions above, can all be used differently – whether it is to motivate your employees on a daily/ weekly or monthly basis, helping to retain your customers by rewarding their loyalty to the company, or simply holiday presents to your employees or customers, to help keep satisfaction and spirits high.

Want to know even more? 

  • Then you are more than free to contact us at hello@huuray.com if you are interested in discussing the benefits of using our API solution.

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