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Dive into the world of unlimited gifting options by choosing the right gift card for you. If you are looking for employee gifts, incentives, thank you presents for your colleagues, or want to donate some money, a gift card from Huuray is offering a lot of solutions for you. Huuray gift cards can be customized, which means it is possible for you to add your corporate design or logo. Whether you choose egift cards or the physical version with a Freedom of Choice gift card, Huuray is ready to help you with your purchase!

Freedom of choice gift card

Freedom of choice

One gift card, over 5000 choices. Give your employees complete freedom over their gifts. With local choices in 103 countries, our offer is wide enough to satisfy the needs of everyone. All you need to do is to choose the card balance you want to give, send it through mail or post, and then the recipient has all the power to choose any specific gift card he further wants to buy from our wide offer.

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Bulk gift cards

Do you need to buy gifts in large amounts but you don’t want to waste your time on the delivery process? At Huuray you can also order gift cards online in bulk. With our bulk gift cards you do not have to deal with separate delivery services, you can simply send them all together with just one click!

charity gift cards


Are you and your company on a mission to make this world better? Great, we are here to help you. Let your gift become a gift. Huuray offers donations in the form of gift cards you can purchase as a corporate present to let your employees make a change. Choose one charity or create a list to choose from and let the recipients leave an impact with doing a good deed through our gifting options for donations.

multi store gift card

Multi-Store gift cards

If you are looking for a kind of specific but not too specific type of a gift, don´t worry, we also have something for you. Here you can purchase theme gift cards. We offer a wide selection of gift cards that are arranged into specific occasions or themes, from cards for electronics, entertainment, restaurants, beauty, to fashion shopping or something as specific as maternity leave – we have it all.

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