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Order Amazon gift cards in bulk right here – without any fees. You only pay the face value of the gift card.

If you are looking for a more brand-specific type of gift card yet you still wish to give some freedom, the gift card for amazon is the right choice for you. This gift card offers the perfect solution to express your appreciation for your employees or your customers.

Purchasing a gift card for amazon guarantees the receiver access to a wide variety of different departments with multiple goods to choose from. With Amazon´s online store, your employees will have an open door to shopping for electronics, movies, clothes, and way more items all in one place. With this broad selection, it is almost clear the amazon gift card is a great idea if you are looking for a corporate gift.

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Thousands of businesses are already ordering Amazon Gift Cards in bulk with Huuray

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At Huuray you can buy Amazon egift card

Huuray is an agile company, so we like to adapt our offer to the world we live in. That’s why our amazon gift card can be purchased in digital form as an egift card. We believe that this form is much more convenient for you, and also your gift card receiver.

Here are 3 biggest benefits of buying an amazon gift card:

  1. Order whenever you want to – with digital gift cards, you can simply place orders for your amazon gift cards 24/7 and do not have to rely on our opening hours!
  2. Immediate delivery – now your customers do not have to wait to receive their gift cards, amazon gift card is delivered almost immediately after placing the order.
  3. Sustainability – It is important to be thoughtful toward our environment. When you purchase an amazon digital gift card, you are showing that your company cares about our planet and does not create unnecessary plastic waste.

How long does it take to buy an Amazon gift card?

Getting an amazon gift card is fast and easy. You can order a digital amazon gift card that can be delivered via email or as a text message code. Customize it with a personal message, add the denomination you wish the gift card to hold you, and you will have it in no time. If you are looking for a corporate gift, an Amazon gift card is a perfect choice. It offers a variety of options, quick and efficient delivery, and the assurance of a gift that will be appreciated.

Huuray provides you with a safe and secure way to purchase the card and you can even track the delivery through our customer service. We offer great customer service and provide help with any questions you may have. Furthermore, to make it easier for you, Huuray offers a quick and easy checkout process.

Get your amazon gift card customized with your company’s branding

You can customize your Amazon gift card to your recipient, making it even more special. You can choose from a variety of designs or add a personal message to make the gift card even more thoughtful. Plus, the Amazon gift card never expires, so your recipient will have plenty of time to find their perfect present. Whether you’re looking for a thank-you gift or simply a present for a special occasion, an Amazon gift card is sure to be appreciated.

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Send yourself a Amazon Gift Card

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It was never easier to send an Amazon gift card

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With the fast-paced world we live in, we know the struggle to get orders delivered on time can be annoying. At Huuray, we work hard to make this process as smooth and quick as possible for you. To deliver the best results, we work with a highly innovative Sa S platform, which simplifies the whole journey. You simply create an account for yourself and then just simply choose, customize, and order quickly and easily whenever you want to.

Buy an amazon gift card now, receive it within a few hours, and have your gift card delivered to your office or directly to your employees. Here at Huuray, we provide a safe, secure, and easy way for your corporate gifting. With us, you can be assured that your gift card will arrive in a timely manner, so you won’t have to worry about missing any deadlines.

Use amazon gift card API

ow you can easily create an amazon gift card API, which will make the delivery process even quicker. Your orders can be simply placed and also sent out automatically. Your recipients can enjoy their rewards immediately and don´t have to wait to receive it any longer.

To create an amazon gift card API, you need to create a developer account, which you can read more about here. After that, you will find all the necessary and important documentation in your profile. If you have a specific request about integrations, do not hesitate to Contact us.

Want to know more about API and how it works? Read more here!

Maybe you are wondering – Do they have other gift cards?

We have a selection of 5000+ international gift cards brands

Order Amazon gift cards in bulk

We know that for some occasions, it is more convenient to order gift cards in bigger amounts. For businesses or organizations who wish to send gift cards as employee incentives, customer awards, or promotional presents, ordering Amazon gift cards in bulk can be easier and more convenient. With Huuray, ordering Amazon gift cards in bulk is simple and only just takes a few clicks. To help you get the most for your money, we offer discounts for large orders. Also, you can add your own branding and message on the cards to make them unique. Why then wait? Make your corporate gifting procedure easy and stress-free with Huuray.

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FAQ around Amazon gift card:

Here are 6 easy steps on ,,how to redeem amazon gift  card,,:

  1. Enter the gift card claim code, which is a 14- or 15-digit code on the back of the card
  2. Add things to your shopping cart by browsing the Web page and doing so as usual.
  3. Click “Proceed to checkout” after clicking the cart symbol at the top of the page when you’re ready to place an order.
  4. Select a payment method: Choose “Amazon Gift Card” as your form of payment on the checkout page.
  5. Enter the balance of the gift card, then click “Apply” after entering the amount from the gift card amount you wish to apply to your transaction. Your order total will be adjusted to reflect the gift card balance.
  6. After you have entered your gift card balance, review your order information, provide any necessary shipping or payment details, and then click “Place your order” to finish the checkout process.

Generally speaking, Amazon Gift Cards never expire, so you may spend them whenever you want. Nevertheless, there can be a few exclusions, depending on the nation or area where the gift card was bought.

For instance, the law may demand that gift cards in certain US states have an expiration date; however, Amazon complies with these rules by including a five-year expiration date. Amazon may comply with any local laws that exist in other nations that mandate a set an expiry date for gift cards.

Follow the steps below to check the balance on your Amazon gift card:

  1. Log into your account on the Amazon website.
  2. The page’s header will say “Gift Cards,” so click there.
  3. Under “Gift Cards,” click “Check your balance.”
  4. After entering the gift card code, select “Check.

Your gift card’s remaining balance will be shown on the screen.

Yes, Amazon Gift Cards may be used on Amazon websites that accept the very same currency as the gift card for purchases made abroad. If you possess a gift card in USD, for instance, you can use it to make purchases on in the USA.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that not all Amazon websites accept gift cards from foreign nations, and exchange rates might also apply to financial transactions involving other currencies. Additionally, some products might not be available for international shipment or might have different costs or limitations in various nations.

Here you can learn more about international gift cards.

Depending on its denominations and the nation from which it is purchased, Amazon Gift Cards might range in price. For instance, Amazon Gift Cards can be bought in the US for anywhere between $1 and $2,000.

An Amazon Gift Card costs the same as its face value when you buy one, so a $50 gift card will set you back $50.