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Gift giving is an important part of our existence not only in personal life, but also in the corporate one. It is also one of the ways to show your employees appreciation, to motivate them. But what if your gift could do way more? With our charity gift card, you can empower your employees to make the world a better place. With this gift card, you can also show them how easy it can be to make other people happy and how happy can this act of goodness make them feel.

This gift card is the perfect way to make your present into a gift of philanthropy and give it even deeper meaning. It takes just a few clicks, and you can easily make your gift into a gift for someone in need. Order a unique Huuray Charity gift card and give your gift the power to make some real difference!

Why should donating become a habit?

Brings us personal satisfaction

Strengthens our personal values

Helps us build stronger, united society

Inspiration to our surroundings

Create better future for those in need

What is a charity gift card and how does it work?

Two gifts in one card, that would be the best description of what a charity gift card is. It is a special type of gift card that allows the recipient to donate the money you put on it to pre-selected nonprofit organizations and charities all over the world.

When you purchase a charitable gift card, you are not only donating to the charity, you are making your employees feel empowered as the donation is done in their name. It’s an easy and meaningful way to help others spread goodness and show your employees that even gifts not meant directly for them are still gifts for them. So start giving with a meaning and purchase Huuray Charity gift cards now!

Since we are here to make your life simple, purchasing our charity gift card is easy, and using it is even easier. After choosing this type of a gift card in our system, you can select one charity or create a list of multiple you wish the gift card to cover. We are working with a lot of worldwide philanthropic organizations you can choose from. That’s it! Simple, right?

The recipients will receive this gift card and after they redeem it, they can either donate to the charity you selected or choose one of the pre-approved charities and donate the value of the gift card to them.

And the best thing? The donation is made in the recipient’s name, so they can really get this happy feeling about doing the right thing and helping someone in need. This way you can add a special purpose to your gift and start making differences in our world. Purchase our Huuray Charity gift card and let your business become a part of building a better society!

Support some of the biggest worldwide nonprofit organizations with us!

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How will be the gift card delivered?

Our Charity Gift card can be purchased in the form of a digital card. The whole purchase and delivery process is handled through our Saas system. Your personalized account with self-service in this system is available to you 24/7/365, so you can create or send an order whenever you want to.

It is up to you to decide in which form will the recipients receive their gift card. It is possible to send it either through a text message or an email. The gift card will be sent in a form of a code, which can be immediately used.

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