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Multi Store gift cards from Huuray will solve your indecisive problems. When you already have an idea about the gift you want to give but are just not so sure if the recipient will like the store you selected, the category gift cards are the right choice for you.

This way you can choose the category that you know the recipient will like and get them the perfect gift without needing to select only one specific store. We will make sure that the recipient will have a wide variety of choices to pick from, and you can be sure that they will be happy with the gift that you send them. It’s the perfect way to show your care and appreciation to the right people!

What is a Multi Store gift card and how does it work?

Multi-Store gift cards are gift cards that allow the recipients to purchase items from stores that are included in selected categories. Whether you are looking for a gift or rewards for an employee who loves fashion, electronics, or beauty products, is getting married, or is going on maternity leave, these Huuray Multi Store Gift cards offer you the opportunity to make sure your gift will be appreciated.

We made sure to choose and create a lot of types of categories so you will be comfortable with having enough possibilities. All you need to do is decide upon the category for the gift card that you think will suit the recipient or occasion the best and then they can choose from the stores that are included in this pre-selected category. Our gift cards are valid in all of the stores included in the categories we created just for you, so you can feel confident that you are giving a great present.

So leave all the worries behind and choose the Multi Store gift card to make your employees happy!

Types of multi store gift cards

A multi-store gift card can be closed-loop or open-loop. Cards that are closed-loop can only be used at particular retailers or a collection of associated stores. Contrarily, open-loop cards can be used anywhere that accepts the associated payment network, such as Visa or Mastercard. Some popular examples of multi-store gift cards include the Visa Gift Card, Mastercard Gift Card, and American Express Gift Card.

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How will it be delivered?

With Multi Store gift cards will be delivered to the recipients digitally. These digital versions are sent through our saas platform in the form of an email or via text. We make sure that the delivery process is quick and that your gift cards will reach their recipients in no time. The recipients will receive the gift card in the form of a unique code and all the details of the selected category. It is possible to add your customized design.

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Why Choose Huuray

  • Flexibility: Our gift cards can be used at a variety of stores, restaurants, and experiences, giving the recipient more flexibility to choose where they want to shop or dine.
  • Personalization: Huuray’s gift cards can be customized with a personal message or design to make the gift more special and personalized.
  • Convenience: Huuray’s gift cards can be purchased online and sent directly to your recipient via email, text message, API, or post making it a convenient and hassle-free option for gift giving.
  • No fees: Our international gift cards have no activation fees, or inactivity fees, which means the recipient can use the full value of the card without any hidden fees or charges.

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