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Are you looking to reward, incentivize, or gift your employees and customers? Learn about our solutions and choose gifts that make a difference. At Huuray, we understand the importance of rewards, incentives, and gifts that make an impact. We specialize in providing gifts that will show the appreciation and recognition that you, your employees, and your customers deserve. With both digital and physical delivery, we provide a branded and premium experience for all.

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HR & People teams

One gift card with 5,000 brands available in 105 countries for ultimate freedom of choice. Employee recognition has never been easier. Whether you are looking for employee rewards, employee appreciation gifts, or want to send corporate egifts, Huuray can help you deliver presents that delight. Boost motivation and retention rates and make your staff feel valued with customizable gift cards. Easy to order and suitable for all occasions

Marketing and Sales teams

Your employees will have access to the most sought-after brands and retailers. Use marketing incentives to increase brand awareness, gain new leads, and reward loyal customers. Use sales incentives to motivate and reward sales staff, encourage them to meet your specific target, and boost morale. Spiff incentives, split, or presale incentives – it’s your choice. Design your sales and marketing incentive programs and deliver the gifts with Huuray.

Customer Service teams

Distribute brand gift cards worldwide and send your customers on a small shopping spree. For when you mess up and discounts or your company’s merchandise are not cutting it this time. Create brand advocates out of unhappy customers. Offer your unsatisfied customers a gift and the freedom to choose what they want for the discomfort created. We like win-win situations, so embrace a reward program for your hard-working customer service team as well.

Research teams

Research incentives are an effective method to increase response rates and collect survey data of higher quality. Participants receive compensation for their time and effort, which might lead to more in-depth and insightful answers. Order bulk gift cards from Huuray and distribute them whenever you need them. With advanced delivery options, Huuray can deliver rewards and incentives to your recipients within minutes.

Retailers & Brands

We are on a mission to make global gifting easy. Distribute brand gift cards worldwide, automate, and increase sales. Join the No. 1 global gift card marketplace. Get access to excellent merchant partners. Join over 5,000 brands worldwide.

Developers, look here!

Reward from the bottom of your heart. Integrate gift card functionality into your existing business processes with a gift card API. Make it easy for customers to purchase and use gift cards. Safe and secure, it protects both the customer’s and merchant’s data. Support a wide range of retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Target, Best Buy, and many others. See our API documentation here.

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