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Gift cards have gained popularity in recent years and are frequently considered the best present for holidays and birthdays. According to a survey by First Data, the gift card industry was estimated to be worth over $160 billion in 2019, with an estimated growth rate of 8.9% in the next five years. See why you should become our partner.

Some of our well-known gift card brands

Why you shouldn’t miss the chance to sell more gift cards

Increase sales

We provide customers with an easy and accessible way to order gift cards for different occasions. And we want your brand in our selection!

We do the work for you

Huuray takes care of orders and delivers gift cards to customers using advanced delivery options. Minimize your risk, set back, and relax.

Growing gift card industry

Technological innovation in the industry and around the world drives the growth of the gift card market. With more people all over the globe having access to the internet and a smartphone, there is no doubt shopping internationally is becoming popular.

Global and local brands are welcomed

Other benefits

  • Increase brand awareness

Increase the visibility of your brand through our website and platform. Our customers have access to all of our brands and can choose exactly what fits their gifting needs. Whether it is something to motivate their staff or to give as a corporate Christmas gift, Huuray has a large selection of the most popular retailers.

  • Keep your cost down

You don’t need to hire more professionals to do the job for you. Huuray is specialized in online marketing of gift cards, employee incentives, rewards, corporate gifts, loyalty programs, and much more.

  • Insights are one click away

Using our highly advanced yet user-friendly platform, you get to see insights from buyers. Details such as how many gift cards were ordered, by whom and the country of delivery, plus more are things that you have access to. Huuray supports transparency and we want to make each one of our partners valued. Are you ready to sell more of your gift cards?

  • Gain new customers

90% of customers who receive gift cards from small businesses they have never been to stated they would shop there and come back in the future. Why not get your business on the list as well?

  • A gift that keeps on giving

Gift cards are amazing for businesses. According to First Data’s Prepaid Consumer Insights Study, the typical consumer spends $59 more on gift cards than the original face value. 

So increase your brand awareness, increase sales with little to no effort, get new customers, and increase the spending amount with each gift card.

  • Meet the rise of the hybrid shopper

Gen Z customers see their shopping as an experience. Retailers need to be flexible and accommodate this customer need to deliver a pleasant experience. Self-use gift cards are becoming more popular among customers as an addition to their hybrid shopping habits.

  • Engage shoppers and ease pain points

Gift cards have become a popular solution among retailers for numerous problems they have encountered in recent years, such as returns, warranties, and out-of-stock merchandise. Gift cards also give merchants the chance to engage customers in meaningful ways who typically spend more than the value of the gift card.

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This is how our platform works

1. Select recipients

Select who you want to send the gift card to. Sending one gift card is as easy as sending 1,000.

2. Choose a gift card

5,000 of the world’s most sought-after brands and retailers are available for selection. Make everyone happy by offering them the freedom to choose what they want, when they want it.

3. Send the gift card

Personalize the gift cards using your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and unique message. This makes sure to deliver a customized experience for the receivers for the maximum amount of joy.

Who is Huuray?

We are on a mission to make gifting easy and accessible for companies all over the world. With years of experience in the market, we have the knowledge to transform the standard of gift-giving. With digital accessibility and global coverage, we can grow your customer base and in turn, increase your revenue. With both B2B and B2C customers throughout Scandinavia and Europe, we understand your concerns and we adapt based on your feedback. For companies present in different countries around the world, we can send gift cards in the desired currency. We partner with both international retailers and local shops to maximize the diversity of our products and experiences. 

Trusted by many

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Join our popular Gift Card of Freedom

Our Gift Card of Freedom, which offers access to all of our stores, webshops, and experiences, is our top seller. Join the selection and increase your earnings.

Why should you collaborate with a Huuray?

We distribute all of our gift cards for free and at the exact time the recipient needs them. Almost all of our gift cards can be printed by the recipient themselves, allowing them to obtain a physical copy if they so choose.

Delivery is done through text, email, PDF, Excel, API, or physically by post for the ultimate flexibility to fit the needs and preferences of the customers. 

We have gathered many gift card suppliers and partners throughout the years and we are always on the lookout for new partners with exciting products and services that will delight our customer base.

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