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  • Why are gift cards better than cash?

    Why are gift cards better than cash? Why are gift cards more compelling than cash, from a corporate point-of-view? The number one in popularity for corporate incentives, gift cards are more effective than cash. A study done by the Incentive Federation consistently indicated that merchandize and travel-related incentives were more attractive than cash – and […]

  • Digital Rewards – Why?

    Why Digitalt Rewards? When rewarding your customers we think you should choose a digital solution, and here we will give you the reasons why. Modern technology such as computers, tablets and other mobile devices have become a crucial part of most persons everyday life. Whether they are shopping online, streaming music or checking up on their […]

  • Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls

    Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls Motivational programs for employees is a great incentive to boost work morale at a workplace, and encourage employees to increase their productivity. A lot of experts in the field of HR and motivating talks about rewarding you employees as a bonus to strive for, or as a recognition for an achieved […]