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Easy to Send – Easy to Choose – Easy to Redeem

Whether you want to choose a specific retailer for your gift card or let your recipient choose, we have the solution.

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Nearly unlimited options worldwide
to choose from

Huuray gives you access to more than 5000 merchants across 100+ countries and 80+ currencies.

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You might think;
Wait. I’m in Germany.
Does this even work
in Germany?

Yep. We have digital reward options in +100 countries around the world. Sending rewards internationally is a breeze with Huuray.

Recipients really love it

In the end, it is all about the end-users. At Huuray, we make sure to keep our offer attractive and updated, to reach full satisfaction of the recipients. And we love to hear about their experiences with our gift cards from all over the world!

Instant gratification. It’s seamless and quick – no hassle and you have your digital reward in seconds.
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Maria S.
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Reward Recipient
Excellent company with very friendly yet professional staff. A pleasure to do business with. I can only recommend it!
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Joakim Bodin
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Reward recipient

Here’s what you going to see

Send payout in a few clicks

what will you see
Options recipients love

We offer a market-leading catalog with +5000 merchants for redeeming a payout. You get to choose what options they can see. Choose between gift cards, multi-store gift cards, donations, subscriptions, and much more.

Custom Branding

Customizable email templates with options to add a customized message, your logo, and brand colors.

Bulk orders or use our Reward API

Easily send digital rewards in bulk, by spreadsheet upload or download rewards in bulk. Rewards on automation? We have +100 integration partners or use our state-of-the-art API.

Send yourself a reward

Want to see what it would look like without any commitment? Now you can send yourself a sample to see how the reward arrive. It takes just one click to see it all. It was never easier!

Activate, engage, incentivize

Companies use rewards, gifts, and incentives across divisions of the company.

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Does it integrate with…? Yes. It does.

Get direct integration with your favorite software. Huuray integrates seamlessly with all the tools in your stack.

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