Why Gift Cards are a Great Choice for Corporate Gifting

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In recent years, gift cards have gained massive popularity as a gifting alternative. Gift cards are prepaid cards that enable the receiver to make purchases from a certain store or collection of retailers. They are frequently given as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special events. Businesses can also use them as a marketing tool or as a method to reward employees. In this article, we’ll go over all there is to understand about gift cards and egift cards, including how they function, the various types that are available, how to buy and use them, the benefits of gift cards, potential limits, and why is Huuray the perfect gift card provider for your business. 

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Using gift cards was never easier

Gift cards operate by enabling the card’s receiver to purchase items up to the card’s value. Gift cards offer an easy and convenient way for businesses and corporations to reward and incentivize their employees and customers. By preloading the card with the desired value, the recipient can use it to purchase goods or services from the designated vendor. The gift card can be used by the receiver to make purchases from the merchant or collection of retailers listed on the card. This is a great way to show appreciation and make the recipient feel valued.

Depending on the merchant, gift cards can typically be redeemed both in-store and online. During purchasing, the recipient of a gift card can simply provide the actual card or give the store the card’s information; the merchant will then deduct the purchase price from the card’s balance. If their purchase is greater than the card balance, they can use another form of payment to complete the transaction.

Boost your company performance with gift cards

As mentioned, gift cards are quite a strong marketing tool. They can be used to incentive and motivate your employees, boost your sales, or even empower your campaigns. Here you can read more about campaign rewards.

Here are some more tips onto what can gift cards help you with:

Improved Sales

Gift cards help with boosting sales by persuading clients to buy something they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. A gift card, for instance, can encourage a consumer to buy a product they are thinking about but aren’t sure whether it’s the appropriate fit for them, or they aren´t sure if they need it. Even more , if a buyer buys a gift card for another person in addition to their own purchase, that boosts the total value of their transaction.

Brand Exposure

By introducing new clients to a company’s goods or services, gift cards can assist companies in boosting brand awareness. When a customer buys a gift card for a friend or family member, they are effectively endorsing the company and introducing it to prospective clients who might never have previously known about the company.

You can read more about this topic in this LinkedIn article.

Customer Acquisition

By providing gift cards as a promotion or reward to draw in new clients, gift cards can be utilized as a customer acquisition technique. For instance, a company might provide new customers with a free gift card in exchange for joining their mailing list or making their initial purchase. This may encourage potential new clients to test the company’s goods or services and may result in future repeating business.

Customer Loyalty

You can offer gift cards to thank and keep your current customers. Businesses can encourage consumers to make more purchases and even raise their lifetime value to the company by using gift cards as a loyalty award or incentive. For instance, if a consumer makes a certain amount of purchases within a specified time frame, the firm can give them a gift card.


Gift cards are really a versatile marketing tactic that can be customized to fulfill the unique requirements of a company. They can be personalized with particular branding or messaging and delivered in a number of different formats, like physical cards or digital gift cards. According to their own marketing objectives, companies might also choose to provide gift cards as a promotional, incentive, or reward tool.

Types of Gift Cards

Open-Loop Gift Cards

Open-loop gift cards generally display the logo of a well-known credit card, like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. They give the receiver more freedom in how they use the card because they can be used anywhere that takes the corresponding credit card. Due to the additional fees they bear, open-loop gift cards are typically more expensive to buy than closed-loop gift cards.

Closed-Loop Gift Cards

Gift cards with a closed-loop are the ones that can only be used at a certain retailer or set of retailers. While there are less fees involved with them, they are typically less expensive to buy than open-loop gift cards. Gift-givers who are aware of the recipient’s taste and interests, such as a certain apparel store or restaurant, frequently choose closed-loop gift cards.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards, often also called egift cards, are becoming more and more popular, as they offer the big advantage of being able to be delivered instantly to the recipient via email or text message. Digital gift cards are normally available in both open-loop and closed-loop variants and can be used online or in-store, depending on the specific retailer. We will go back and cover more of digital gift cards further in the article.

Physical Gift Cards

The classic gift card type is a physical card made of plastic that can be obtained in-person or sent through the mail. Just like with digital gift cards, the physical ones can be also either open-loop or closed-loop and can be used both in-store and online. Some people might prefer a physical gift card, especially if it has the purpose of a gift.

What do we offer at Huuray

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Over 5000 options on a single gift card. Give your staff total control over their gifts. Our selection is broad enough to meet everyone’s demands with local options available in 103 different countries. Simply choose the gift card balance you wish to send, mail or post it, and the receiver will have absolute freedom to choose to purchase from any of the brands  from our wide assortment.


Do you and your business have a goal of improving the world? Fantastic! We’re ready to assist you. Turn your present into a further gift. Huuray provides corporate gifts that allow your staff to make a difference by donating in the form of gift cards. Using our gifting choices for donations, you can pick one charity or make a list of possibilities for the recipients to choose from, and encourage them to make a difference by doing good deeds.

Bulk gift cards

Do you have a large present list to fill but don’t want to spend too much time on delivery? You may also buy gift cards in bulk online at Huuray. With our bulk gift cards, you can send everything at once without having to deal with several delivery providers.

Multi-store gift cards

 If you’re searching for a kind of particular but not overly precise present, don’t worry, we also offer something for you. Multi store  gift cards are available here. We provide a wide choice of gift cards that are organized according to particular events or themes, including cards for electronics, entertainment, fashion shopping, and even something as specific as maternity leave or a wedding.

Choose your way of purchasing gift cards


If you want to use a gift card on an online purchase, you must enter the gift card details during the checkout procedure. Typically, this includes typing in the card number and, if necessary, the PIN or security code.


Most prominent businesses, including supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores, also provide in-person gift card sales. Gift card purchases made in-store have the benefit of allowing customers to inspect and hold the actual card before making a decision.

Third-Party Retailers

Gift cards may be acquired via independent merchants such as boutiques or online gift card resellers. Gift cards from these merchants may be eligible for discounts or other special offers, making them an affordable choice for recipients.

Redeem within seconds

Depending on the merchant, gift cards are redeemable online or in-store. The recipient of a gift card has two options for using it: either they must provide the actual card or give the store the card’s details. In some circumstances, the transaction may need to be completed with a PIN or security code.


The holder of the gift card can show the physical card to the cashier when making a purchase to use the gift card in-store. To subtract the purchase price from the card balance, the cashier will either manually enter or scan the card number. Depending on how much money is on the gift card, if the whole purchase is higher than this amount, you/card holder will have to pay for the remaining of the price.


If you want to use a gift card on an online purchase, you must enter the gift card details during the checkout procedure. Typically, this includes typing in the card number and, if necessary, the PIN or security code.

Redeem with Huuray

With Huuray it is super easy to redeem your gift cards. All you need to so is click the redeem button on the top of our page, insert the code from your gift card and then just shop freely.

Do not forget about the possibility of…

Expiration Dates

Does gift cards expire? Well, certain gift cards may contain an expiration date, which indicates that the card will lose its usability after that time. The card or related documents should clearly specify the expiration date. The expiration date might occasionally be extended for a charge. As each card is different, each brands offer different expiration dates. That´s why you should always check with the brand you are planning to purchase your gift card from.


Certain gift cards could have added expenses, such activation or maintenance charges. When a gift card is first purchased, activation costs are normally charged. If the card balance is not used within a specified time frame, maintenance fees may also be assessed. Fees must be specified in detail on the cards or any supporting documents. However, those kind of fees are not so often applied to gift cards, but it is still good to be aware of them.

Limitations on Where They Can Be Redeemed

Gift cards that are closed-loop can only be used at the merchant or a collection of retailers that are specified on the card. Gift cards may sometimes not be accepted as payment at all stores, but open-loop gift cards are accepted anywhere that takes the appropriate credit card.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

Based on the retailer’s policies, it might be possible to replace a lost or stolen gift card. In order to report the theft or loss and provide any relevant data, including the gift card number and past purchases, the recipient should get in touch with the shop as soon as possible. For the replacement of a stolen or lost gift card, certain stores may charge an individual fee.

However, the chances of your gift card getting lost or stolen are way lower with purchasing a digital gift card.

Take a step further, purchase a digital gift card

Digital gift cards, often referred to as egift cards, are electronic forms of traditional gift cards that are sent via email, text message, or mobile app. Similar to physical gift cards, they operate by giving the recipient a code or link to use to redeem the gift card online or in-person rather than an actual gift card made of plastic or paper.

Why are egift cards a good solution to consider?

E-gift cards are often safer to use than traditional gift cards. Everyone who has possession of an actual gift card is capable of using it. Yet in order to access an e-gift card, the receiver typically needs to input a code or click a link. The likelihood that the gift card will be misplaced, stolen, or used by a person other than the intended receiver is thereby reduced.


E-gift cards are very practical, to say the least. They make excellent last-minute gift options because they are easily purchased and promptly delivered. When sending a present to someone who lives in another country, it can be very convenient to not have to bother about shipping times or actual delivery.

The ease of usage

The use of digital gift cards is quite simple. Typically, the recipient only needs to input a code or click a link to use the gift card in-person or online. There’s no need to worry about losing or carrying around a physical card.


With many egift cards, you can alter the design and wording that is displayed in the message or email that is sent to the receiver. This might make your present feel more genuine by adding a personal touch.


E-gift cards are often safer to use than traditional gift cards. Everyone who has possession of an actual gift card is capable of using it. Yet in order to access an e-gift card, the receiver typically needs to input a code or click a link. The likelihood that the gift card will be misplaced, stolen, or used by a person other than the intended receiver is thereby reduced.


E-gift cards don’t need any material elements, as was already explained, so they are more environmentally friendly than traditional gift cards. You may lessen your influence on the environment by using egift cards instead of standard gift cards.

How does egift cards work?

  • Purchase: Online retailers or gift card providers are the common sources for purchasing e-gift cards. The buyer chooses the amount they wish to give, enters the recipient’s contact information (such as phone number or email), and frequently creates a personalized note.
  • Delivery: The e-gift card is sent to the recipient through email, text message, or mobile app after it has been purchased. A specific code or link that the recipient can use to use the gift card will be sent to them.
  • Redemption: To use an e-gift card, the recipient usually adheres to the directions given in the email or text message. This could entail using a link or a code on the retailer’s website or mobile application. Some e-gift cards can also be used in-store by scanning a barcode or showing the code to the cashier.
  • Balance: The receiver can normally check the balance of the gift card online or through the retailer’s mobile app once the e-gift card has been redeemed. Any emails or texts that the retailer sends may also contain the balance.
  • Expiration: Just like conventional gift cards, egift cards often have an expiration date. The recipient’s email or text message may contain the expiration date, or it may simply list it on the retailer’s mobile app or website.

It’s important to keep in mind that depending on the merchant or gift card provider, the specific procedure for buying, sending, and redeeming egift cards may change. E-gift cards, however, may be bought and used completely online or through mobile devices, making them a practical and simple present option.

Gift card API, a tool to make your life easier.

Developers can incorporate gift card functionality into their apps via a gift card API, which is a programming interface. The API offers a selection of resources and capabilities that programmers can use to make, manage, and use gift cards.

Here´s how the gift card API works:

  1. Integration: Before making use of a Gift Card API, developers need to at first incorporate it into their program. This could entail adding program code to their application, installing an SDK (Software development kit), or implementing a pre-made integration solution offered by the API provider.
  2. Gift Card Creation: Developers can use the API to generate fresh gift cards once it has been integrated. This may include stating the gift card’s cash value, including a personalized message or design, and establishing any limitations or expiration dates.
  3. Gift Card Management: Using the API, developers can supervise the whole lifecycle of gift cards. This could involve checking the balance of the gift card, monitoring its use and redemption, and cancelling or getting a refund of gift cards as necessary.
  4. Redemption: The API can be used to apply the gift card amount to the customer’s profile or transaction and to check the gift card code or status when a gift card is being redeemed. Integration with a payment service or e-commerce platform may be necessary for this.
  5. Reporting: The Gift Card API might also offer reporting features that let developers monitor the use and sales of gift cards, view past transactions, and create reports on the effectiveness of gift cards.

Why is gift card API a useful tool?


Integrating gift card capabilities into applications is made possible via a versatile Gift Card API. By linking their preexisting payment and e-commerce systems, adding custom branding or message, establishing specific limits or expiration dates, and other features, developers may adapt the gift card experience to match the unique demands of their consumers and business.


Companies may quickly scale their gift card systems as their needs change with the help of a Gift Card API. Via a single API interaction, they can generate and handle an endless amount of gift cards, monitor their use and redemption, and produce data on their effectiveness.

Optimized Revenue

By giving customers a simple and practical means to buy and redeem goods or services, gift cards can assist businesses in increasing revenue. Businesses may provide customers the ability to buy and redeem gift cards right within their application by integrating a Gift Card API. This provides an effortless and simple user experience that may drive repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty.

Cost Reductions

Through the implementation of a Gift Card API, companies can cut the price of manufacturing and distributing physical gift cards. Digital delivery of egift cards eliminates the necessity of physical production and distribution, which saves money. Also, businesses can save the expense of developing a separate gift card platform by integrating gift card features into their current systems.

Better Customer Experience

By giving customers a simple and practical way to buy and use gift cards, a gift card API can assist to make the whole customer experience better. Businesses may give customers a consistent experience that makes it simple for them to handle their gift cards amongst their other activities within the application by incorporating gift card features into the application.

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Depending on the recipient, the event, and the budget, there are many different good company gift ideas. Some of these include personalized items like engraved pens or notebooks, gourmet food or beverage gift baskets, branded tech accessories like phone cases or chargers, or experiences like tickets to a sporting event or concert. When choosing a corporate gift, it’s essential to take the recipient’s interests and needs into account as well as any ethical or cultural considerations. You want to give them something they will appreciate and remember.

Creating a loyalty program is an excellent way to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases. To build a successful loyalty program as a newbie, follow these steps:

  • Set your objectives: What do you want your loyalty program to accomplish? Do you want to raise brand awareness, encourage repeat purchases, or promote client retention? It will be easier to develop your program and stay on track to reaching your intended outcomes if you have clear goals.
  • Settling on a program structure: Loyalty programs come in a wide variety of formats, including point-based systems, tiered plans, and cash-back programs. Pick the option that most closely fits your goals and business model.
  • Decide reward levels: Determine how customers can earn them, and what they’ll get in return. You might also think about designing a tiered system with several reward tiers depending on the number of points gathered.
  • Promote your program: When you have it set up, you need to spread the news. To inform customers about your program and how they can sign up, think about using social media, email marketing, and in-store promotions.
  • Observe and adjust: Review your program’s performance frequently and make any necessary adjustments. Track important data including enrollment, redemption rates, and customer satisfaction, and pay attention to consumer comments. You may use this information to determine where your program needs to improve and to make sure it continues to be relevant over time.

Keep in mind that a good loyalty program needs work and commitment, but that there may be a sizable return in the form of increased consumer loyalty and recurring business. Best of luck!

Increased customer satisfaction

Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by using sales incentives to promote a pleasant client experience. Customers are more inclined to be loyal and keep doing business with a company when they feel valued and rewarded for their loyalty.

Finally, offering sales incentives can help increase sales. Businesses can encourage customers to make more purchases and increase revenue by making them feel valued. Furthermore, giving incentives to sales staff helps encourage them and keep them focused on achieving company goals.

Increase brand loyalty

One way to increase brand loyalty with sales incentives is to offer customers or clients discounts or special offers when they purchase gift cards. Gift cards provide customers with flexibility and convenience, while also helping to build loyalty and appreciation. Additionally, customers can feel appreciated and rewarded when they receive discounts or special offers on gift cards. Companies can also offer reward points or loyalty programs to customers who purchase gift cards, which can be exchanged for rewards or discounts. By offering these types of rewards, customers will be more likely to make repeat purchases and become loyal customers. Furthermore, companies can also provide customer loyalty programs that provide customers with rewards for returning customers or for reaching certain milestones. This can help to further increase customer loyalty and build lasting relationships with customers.

Sales incentives can be a powerful motivator for improving sales performance. Incentives can help increase sales productivity by providing extra motivation and rewards for achieving certain goals. Companies can create incentive programs to reward salespeople for hitting certain targets or quotas as well as provide recognition for successful sales. Incentives can also provide incentives to increase sales activity, such as offering bonuses or discounts for achieving certain sales volumes. By providing incentives and rewards for increased sales productivity, companies can create an environment that encourages salespeople to be more productive and motivated.

Customer loyalty can be strongly encouraged with the help of sales incentives. Incentives can help increase sales productivity by providing extra motivation and rewards for achieving certain goals. Companies can create incentive programs to reward salespeople for hitting certain targets or quotas as well as provide recognition for successful sales. Incentives can also provide incentives to increase sales activity, such as offering bonuses or discounts for achieving certain sales volumes. Offering rewards can also contribute to a satisfying customer experience, which can further boost client loyalty.

When dealing with dissatisfied clients, it’s vital to express your interest in their satisfaction. Pay attention to their comments and take the appropriate action to fix the problem. Making them feel like you are willing to go above and beyond will encourage them to support your business. As a sign of gratitude, think about giving them a gift card to use at their favorite retailer or restaurant. Huuray offers gift cards that give customers the option to choose from over 5,000 brands. This small gesture can make a big difference in improving customer satisfaction.

With Huuray, you can place your first order within minutes. To get started, create a free account.

A partner API is a tool for facilitating business-to-business interactions and is only accessible to carefully chosen and authorized outside developers, or API consumers. For instance, a partner API can link the internal customer data system with those outside CRM firms if a company only wishes to exchange specific customer data with them. No other API use is allowed.

Partners can access such APIs with licenses and clear rights. Partner APIs typically include greater processes for authentication, authorization, and security because of this.

Yes, there is technical support for the gift card API. Our team is happy to help you and your recipients. You can get in touch with our customer service staff if you need assistance troubleshooting or if you have any questions. They are ready around the clock to respond to your inquiries and offer assistance.

Connecting to a gift card API or payment API is relatively simple. Connecting to a gift card API or payment API is relatively simple. You need to create an account with Huuray to access our platform. After you have all the information necessary, you may use the documentation for the API to assist in integrating it with your current business software. To assist you in getting started, many API providers also provide customer service and tutorials. Once you’ve established a connection with the API, you’ll be able to use its features and advantages while also accepting and processing payments from clients. 

After you have all the information necessary, you can use the documentation for the API to assist you in integrating it with your current business software. To further assist you in getting started, you can also contact our customer service team. They are always ready to help. 

Once you’ve established a connection with the API, you’ll be able to use its features and advantages.

You can securely accept payments without worrying that the data will be intercepted. This is possible thanks to the secure layer that payment APIs normally provide between your company and the payment processor. Additionally, recurring billing, refunds, and other functionalities are frequently included in payment APIs. You may quickly handle and process customer payments by integrating your business software with a payment API. This will make it simpler to manage a successful business.

An API frequently needs authentication to ensure that requests are handled safely. An API key, a username and password, or another type of authentication could be used for this. This allows it to guarantee that the information and services the API provides are only accessible to authorized users.

Knowing the request-response cycle is essential to understanding how an API operates. A client contacts a server with a request, and the server replies to the client with a response. The customer submits a request that includes details like the kind of request and the data that needs to be processed. After processing this information, the server replies with the request’s results.

The server typically responds in a format that is easy for the client to understand, such as JSON or XML. The data from the answer can then be used in the application by the client.

Huuray’s gift card API is free to use! There are also no sign-up fees.

An application programming interface (API) for gift cards allows companies to incorporate gift card functionality into their current websites and software programs. Gift card APIs make it simple and quick for customers to make transactions by allowing them to buy and redeem cards directly from the platform.