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Open up a whole new world of possibilities for your business. With Huuray, you can now offer your customers the convenience of buying and redeeming gift cards without ever leaving your website. We allow businesses to quickly and easily give gifts without having to manage multiple accounts.

What is gift card API?

A gift card API (Application Programming Interface) is a type of software interface that enables businesses to integrate gift card functionality into their systems and applications. With a gift card API, businesses can create, manage, and distribute gift cards through their own applications and platforms, including mobile apps, websites, and point-of-sale systems. The API typically provides a set of programming instructions that developers can use to interact with the gift card system, such as creating new gift cards, retrieving gift card balances, and redeeming gift cards. A gift card API can help companies manage their gift card inventory by tracking the number of cards sold, remaining balances, and expiration dates. This can help prevent fraud and ensure that the business has enough gift cards available to meet demand. Gift card APIs can provide businesses with valuable data on gift card usage, such as which cards are being redeemed and how often. This information can help businesses make data-driven decisions about their gift card programs. A gift card API can provide companies with a range of benefits, from increasing sales and revenue to improving the customer experience and providing valuable data and insights.

Increase engagement and send rewards with our gift card API

Free to use

Thousands of products and experiences

A catalog of 5000+ brands in 100+ countries

Excellent for incentive programs, rewards, and corporate gifts

No order minimum

Order in bulk within minutes

Easy to send digital rewards

Use the self-service option through our unique corporate login. Huuray has an advanced SaaS platform that lets you access our state-of-the-art API. Both digital and physical delivery options are available.

Operational efficiency

Save time when ordering gift cards for your reward and incentive programs. Whether used for your employees, market research recipients, or customers, this solution will save you time. It’s fully automated and integrated with your software, which eliminates the need for manual processing. This way, you can forget about spreadsheets.

Reward and incentive choices

Access our catalog and choose from the most popular gift card options

Scalable – automate gift card sending for multiple teams

Reporting – see your order and reward history

Shopify gift card API, Amazon Gift card or Starbucks gift card we’ve got you

Send your recipients gifts that they will love. Get access to gift cards for your staff’s favorite retailers and brands through our API. With a gift card API, companies can access a wide variety of gift cards without the hassle and expense of buying them individually


Gift card incentive and reward strategies that fit your business

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gift card API

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Secure and reliable

The power of a gift card API lies in its ability to provide your business with a secure and reliable way to manage your gift card transactions. You can effortlessly track and manage gift card sales using a gift card API and set up automatic redemption procedures. This makes sure that customers can quickly and easily purchase and redeem gift cards without having to worry about security or reliability. Your business can also use the API to tailor the gift cards you have to offer, giving clients a choice of several unique gift cards.

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A partner API is a tool for facilitating business-to-business interactions and is only accessible to carefully chosen and authorized outside developers, or API consumers. For instance, a partner API can link the internal customer data system with those outside CRM firms if a company only wishes to exchange specific customer data with them. No other API use is allowed.

Partners can access such APIs with licenses and clear rights. Partner APIs typically include greater processes for authentication, authorization, and security because of this.

Yes, there is technical support for the gift card API. Our team is happy to help you and your recipients. You can get in touch with our customer service staff if you need assistance troubleshooting or if you have any questions. They are ready around the clock to respond to your inquiries and offer assistance.

Connecting to a gift card API or payment API is relatively simple. Connecting to a gift card API or payment API is relatively simple. You need to create an account with Huuray to access our platform. After you have all the information necessary, you may use the documentation for the API to assist in integrating it with your current business software. To assist you in getting started, many API providers also provide customer service and tutorials. Once you’ve established a connection with the API, you’ll be able to use its features and advantages while also accepting and processing payments from clients. 

After you have all the information necessary, you can use the documentation for the API to assist you in integrating it with your current business software. To further assist you in getting started, you can also contact our customer service team. They are always ready to help. 

Once you’ve established a connection with the API, you’ll be able to use its features and advantages.

You can securely accept payments without worrying that the data will be intercepted. This is possible thanks to the secure layer that payment APIs normally provide between your company and the payment processor. Additionally, recurring billing, refunds, and other functionalities are frequently included in payment APIs. You may quickly handle and process customer payments by integrating your business software with a payment API. This will make it simpler to manage a successful business.

An API frequently needs authentication to ensure that requests are handled safely. An API key, a username and password, or another type of authentication could be used for this. This allows it to guarantee that the information and services the API provides are only accessible to authorized users.

Knowing the request-response cycle is essential to understanding how an API operates. A client contacts a server with a request, and the server replies to the client with a response. The customer submits a request that includes details like the kind of request and the data that needs to be processed. After processing this information, the server replies with the request’s results.

The server typically responds in a format that is easy for the client to understand, such as JSON or XML. The data from the answer can then be used in the application by the client.

Huuray’s gift card API is free to use! There are also no sign-up fees.