Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls

Incentive solutions: Avoid the pitfalls

Motivational programs for employees is a great incentive to boost work morale at a workplace, and encourage employees to increase their productivity. A lot of experts in the field of HR and motivating talks about rewarding you employees as a bonus to strive for, or as a recognition for an achieved goal and hard work. Employee incentive programs requires some planning and thought and as a manager you should be aware of pitfalls. If the reward is not an attractive target for the employees the incentive can have the opposite effect.

The reward should fit the desired work effort and it can be a challenge to find the right prize that motivates in the right way. One pitfall could be if the reward is something less than employees expect, which mean that their motivation will drop and so will the work effort in the future. They expect to be rewarded similar to the amount of work they have put in to the project to gain the desired motivation for the job and the company en general. So not every reward is acceptable and should be planed with a bit of  thought.

Gift that are to much relative to the sought-after motivational effect can also be a problem, because the main focus of the objective will be on the prize instead of the task in hand. Then the value is entirely in the reward and not in the work it self. In other words, you have to choose gifts relative to the employees expectations and the desired effect.

Beware of cash rewards 

Now that we have established  that the reward should measure up to your employees expectations, we will take a look on what sort of gift you should set as a reward. An idea that comes to mind is to use money bonuses as the sought-after famous carrot on a stick, but as a manager you should be aware of this. Money rewards are often seen as an addition to the employees salary instead of an incentive that should motivate. This is because cash bonuses already is a common part of corporate life and is often something that is expected for just doing your day-to-day job.

Money rewards is also less to be associated with specific job and achieved goal that tangible gifts. If money is used as an incentive often it will just go into the employees private budget, instead of being a token of appreciation given for the effort made.  An actual gift will be something that will last longer and remind the employee of why and how they achieved this prize. Thereby the appreciation value in a tangible gift rather than money is longer.


Easy rewarding

Motivational gifts should be seen as a token of the work effort, so what should you as a manger choose to give? Huuray offers an easy solution perfect for your incentive program. It is an impossible task for a manager to know what each individual employee desires in a gift or reward, and also it can be a hassle to remember to order and get the gifts via mail in time for the actual reward. Gift cards is therefore a convenient choice of reward, and Huuray offers an easy and very quick way to get them, and it is even digitally and done in seconds. Huuray provides a wide range of top brands that your employees can freely choose from, so they can choose exactly the e-gift card to the brand they desire and it is done easily and online via the mobile phone.

digital gift cards is send to the employee via text message or e-mail so they can have it on them at all time, so they do not have to deal with plastic cards or printed gift cards that you easily forget at home. Using Huuray for your incentive programs is ideal for you as a company who wish to reward and acknowledge your employees, and you will not have to deal with hassle of take into account the individual taste and wishes for the gifts. Huuray offers corporate gift in following categories:

  • Wellness
  • Home decoration
  • Flowers
  • Food services
  • Wine and chocolate
  • Exciting adventures
  • …and many more

We even offers and All-round gift that means that the employee have the ultimate freedom to choose from any of our top brands. Now you can show you employees the right amount of appreciation and motivate them to be more efficient.

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