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Why choose Huuray?

Huuray is a one-stop international gift card provider. We distribute thousands of gift cards annually to hundreds of companies. With Huuray, you benefit from:

A vast selection of popular brands
Simple and accessible
No emails, no spreadsheets
Global gift cards featuring both local and international companies
Support for both you and your recipients
Physical or digital (e) gift cards
Ultimate visibility, flexibility, and control

5000+ options to
choose from worldwide

Are gift cards the best rewards and incentives?

We believe so. One of the best examples of non-cash rewards is a gift card. Personalized gift cards can have a remarkable impact on motivation and engagement – but we also have other products:

Gift cards are a fantastic way to thank and involve consumers

Create loyalty and engagement among employees

A great option for businesses of all sizes

Digital gift cards are simple to use and excellent for operations

Can be used to buy a variety of services and goods

Multiple uses: promote your company, sales incentives, and encourage repeat purchases

Green Huuray Gift Card

Huuray’s Freedom of Choice Gift Card

At Huuray, we work in a distinctive manner. Making gifting simpler and more enjoyable is our goal. With more than 5,000 possibilities to pick from, our Freedom Gift Card offers a unique experience and is accessible in 103 countries. As our most popular option, your recipients will benefit from the most unique selection of brands and will get a gift to remember. 

What makes Huuray stand out

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Outstanding platform

Enjoy superior solutions, quicker delivery, a top-notch support team, total integration, and rewards that matter to you. You have the option to select, order, organize, and distribute the desired gift cards to your staff globally using our SaaS platform. Our highly competent and friendly support team can help and guide you at any step of the way. We offer support for both your business and your recipients. Read more about our research incentives here.

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Dedicated to our customers

At Huuray, we are a small team, and that comes with its advantages. We are agile and move faster than others. Do you have a particular need or request? We can adapt our solutions to what you need. Your feedback matters to us and we do our best to implement it and become better.

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Focused on results

Engage your staff, find the best incentives for your customers and marketing campaigns, motivate your research participants, and say “sorry” with a gift card when you mess up. Gift cards hold amazing power due to their flexibility, and we know how to make your business better by using them.

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