IKEA Partners with Huuray for Gift Card Program Management in Denmark


In a significant development for retail and business relations in Denmark, IKEA Denmark has chosen Huuray, a renowned digital gift card platform, to manage its B2B & B2C gift card program. This collaboration not only underlines IKEA’s commitment to enhancing its customer engagement but also showcases the rising prowess of Huuray in the global gift card program solutions space.

What This Partnership Means

Enhanced Customer Experience

With Huuray’s expertise in crafting seamless digital gift card experiences, IKEA customers can anticipate a smoother, more efficient, and engaging gift card program. This could range from easy-to-buy and share digital gift cards to potentially innovative reward schemes.

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B2B Relations Reimagined

By entrusting its B2B program to Huuray, IKEA Denmark is embarking on a journey towards strengthening its bonds with business clients in ways that were previously unexplored. The decision to outsource signals IKEA’s commitment to delivering a superior B2B experience, fostering long-lasting relationships, and providing innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of its business partners.

Huuray will manage the sales and distribution of IKEA gift cards into the corporate sectors globally. With a global network of business and agency partnerships, Huuray will enable corporate buyers to purchase IKEA gift cards for business rewards, benefits, incentives, etc.

One of the immediate advantages of partnering with Huuray is the ability to provide tailored B2B solutions. Instead of adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach, IKEA Denmark can now collaborate with Huuray to create customized gift card programs that align perfectly with the requirements and objectives of each business client. Whether it’s about incentivizing employees, thanking partners, or engaging customers, these tailored solutions can be designed to meet diverse corporate goals.

IKEA Gift Cards in other countries?

Besides reselling IKEA gift cards to B2B customers in Denmark – Huuray is also a B2B distribution partner of IKEA gift cards in +15 countries worldwide.


Beyond the realms of convenience and business growth, the partnership between IKEA and Huuray carries an additional dimension of significance – a shared commitment to sustainability. Both companies have demonstrated a dedication to sustainable practices in their individual pursuits, and this partnership presents a unique opportunity to amplify their eco-conscious efforts.

The harmonious synergy of IKEA’s global sustainability initiatives and Huuray’s approach to digital gift cards creates a promising platform for the development of sustainable gifting solutions.

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Unlocking Omni-Channel Mastery for Ultimate Flexibility

At the heart of this partnership is the introduction of an omnichannel gift card that seamlessly integrates with both physical and digital sales channels. This innovation empowers customers to purchase, redeem, and manage their gift cards, offering the utmost convenience. Whether shopping in IKEA’s physical stores or online, this approach caters to the evolving preferences of modern consumers.



IKEA wanted to expand its presence in the Danish & the global B2B gift card market


IKEA is using Huuray´s API to connect thousands of B2B gift card buyers globally

How Huuray is making it easier for IKEA

Huuray’s integration into IKEA Denmark’s gift card program represents a significant shift in how the management of gift cards is approached. This transition involves a comprehensive handover of responsibilities from IKEA to Huuray, encompassing a wide range of tasks, from reducing manual work to diversifying the delivery methods for gift cards.

Streamlining Operations and Reducing Manual Work

One of the primary areas where Huuray is taking over the reins is the reduction of manual work. With their digital-first approach and sophisticated automation processes, Huuray is set to significantly streamline the approval, invoicing, and billing procedures associated with the gift card program. This reduction in manual labor not only saves time but also minimizes the margin for human errors, leading to more efficient and accurate operations.

Expanding Delivery Options

In this transition, Huuray is introducing a diverse array of delivery methods for gift cards. Huuray’s expertise includes a seamless integration of digital gift cards and email-based delivery (email, text message, delivery by post, PDF, CSV, API, etc.). This not only caters to customers’ evolving preferences but also significantly enhances the accessibility and convenience of gift card delivery.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The inclusion of digital and email-based gift card delivery options not only adds flexibility but also aligns with the modern consumer’s desire for instant gratification. Customers can receive and use their gift cards with ease, whether in physical stores or through online shopping, catering to their evolving preferences.

Expertise in Security and Compliance

Another vital aspect of this transition is the advanced levels of security, fraud prevention, and risk management brought in by Huuray. This ensures the safeguarding of both businesses and customers and maintains the integrity of the gift card program. Huuray’s expertise in legal and compliance matters contributes to a safe and trustworthy environment.

Efficiency Through Automation

By taking over the responsibility for various manual processes, Huuray is not just reducing human error but also increasing the overall efficiency of operations. Automated processes for approval, invoicing, and billing ensure that tasks are completed swiftly and accurately, saving time and resources that can be channeled into more strategic initiatives.

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Personalizing IKEA Gift Cards

In this collaboration between Huuray and IKEA Denmark, personalization takes center stage, transforming the act of gifting into a truly special and memorable experience. The introduction of uniquely branded gift cards and the ability to add personalized messages marks a significant shift in the way customers can express their sentiments through gifting.

Customers now have the power to transform standard gift cards into one-of-a-kind expressions of their intentions. By incorporating branding elements that align with the recipient’s preferences or the occasion at hand, the gift card becomes more than just a token; it becomes a symbol of thoughtful consideration. The branding can range from holiday-themed designs to specific events or even corporate branding for business clients.

The Way Forward

It’s a thrilling phase for both IKEA Denmark and Huuray. While IKEA continues to focus on what it does best – providing top-notch home solutions – it has Huuray, a trusted partner, ensuring that its gift card and B2B programs run like clockwork.

For the consumers and businesses aligned with IKEA, this partnership is a harbinger of exciting times. It’s not just about purchasing furniture anymore; it’s about being part of an enriched, rewarding experience.

In the rapidly evolving world of retail and business relations, collaborations like these set the pace. It’s a testament to how brands, by joining hands, can amplify their strengths and deliver unmatched value to their audience.

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Unlocking new potential for IKEA by joining Huuray´s extensive network

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Leading brands partners with Huuray to scale their gift card programs

Why optimizing gift cards sales is a great idea

The global gift card market presents numerous advantages for companies, making it a compelling and strategic option for business growth. Here are several reasons why the global gift card market is a good idea for companies:

  1. The global gift cards market size was valued at $619.25 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $2,076.51 billion by 2027 ????

  2. Gift cards represent a source of immediate and future revenue. Recipients often spend more than the value of the gift card, leading to increased sales for businesses. ????

  3. Gift cards attract new customers to a business. When gifted, they introduce individuals to a brand or store, potentially converting them into loyal, long-term customers.

  4. Gift cards also help retain existing customers. When customers receive gift cards, they are more likely to return to the business to redeem them, leading to higher customer retention rates.

  5. Gift cards serve as a form of advertising. They carry a business’s name and logo, spreading brand awareness each time they are used, potentially attracting new customers and increasing visibility.

  6. Gift cards are versatile. They can be used for various purposes, such as personal gifting, corporate rewards, employee incentives, or promotional campaigns, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and businesses.

Source: Allied Market Research

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