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It’s Free. 100 % Customizable. Available 24/7. Send to anyone – anywhere in the World.

5000+ rewards, payouts & gift cards in 170+ countries.

We are trusted and loved by thousands of companies worldwide

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Instantly deliver exciting gifts & rewards

Easy to access

1. Sign up

Easy to operate

2. Easy to Operate

Easy to redeem

3. Easy to Redeem

Nearly unlimited options worldwide
to choose from

Huuray gives you access to 5000+ digital rewards & gifts across 170+ countries and 80+ currencies.

These are our products

Freedom of choice gift cards

Freedom-of-Choice Gift Card

Empower your recipients to select from 5000+ choices within our global catalog.

Gift cards for every occasion

Occasion Gift Cards

Choose original designs for milestones, birthdays, and holidays, or create your own design.

Custom gift collection

Create-Your-Own Gift Card

Pick a single or a range of gifts or rewards. You get to choose what options the recipients see.

You might think;
Wait. I’m in Germany.
Does this even work
in Germany?

Yep. We have digital reward options in 190+ countries around the world. Gift Cards, PrePaid Cards, Charities, and much more. Sending rewards internationally is a breeze with Huuray. All for free.

Recipients really love the rewards

In the end, it is all about the end-users. At Huuray, we make sure to keep our offer attractive and updated, to reach full satisfaction of the recipients. And we love to hear about their experiences with our gift cards from all over the world!

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Instant gratification. It’s seamless and quick – no hassle and you have your digital reward in seconds.
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Reward Recipient

Here’s what you’re going to see

Send rewards in a few clicks. Get up and running in a few minutes, not days or weeks.

what will you see
Options that recipients love

Options for your recipients We offer a market-leading catalog with more than 5,000 suppliers. You decide which stores your recipients can see. Choose from: gift cards, cash cards, multi-store gift cards, donations, subscriptions and more!!

Custom templates

Custom email templates – send personalized greetings, gift cards and rewards to suit your recipients.

Customize the size yourself

Send gift cards in bulk via email or physically. Automated rewards? We have over 100 integration partners or use our revolutionary API.

digital rewards

Send yourself a reward

Want to see what it would look like without any commitment? Now you can send yourself a sample to see how the reward arrives. It takes just one click to see it all. It was never easier!

We adapt to your needs

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We needed a tool to easily pay incentives for surveys & interviews.

Huuray is the easiest system we’ve ever used for sending rewards. With the huge variety of options for rewards, our recipients can choose which type of reward they want to redeem.
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So easy and efficient. We can send many digital rewards to multiple panel members with just a few clicks.
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We like the ease of use for sending rewards & the huge selection reward options.
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We will be using Huuray for a long time
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Does it integrate with…? Yes. It does.

Get direct integration with your favorite software you already use. Huuray integrates seamlessly with all the tools in your stack.

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Let’s have a chat

Whether you’d like a demo, have an inquirery or just want to chat about our product – we’re here for you.

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Gift Card, Rewards, Payouts, Consumer Incentives, and much more

Huuray is a Reward as a Service platform where you easily can distribute international gift cards, rewards, incentives, or corporate gifts. We have different options you can send throughout our platform: E-gift cards, incentive pay, crypto gift cards, donations, subscription gifts, and other payouts. Either you send it out as a bulk gift card order, or you can use our gift card API to automate the process.